5 reasons to attend a hackathon

15 October 2019 devHacks

Are you a curious person and you like challenges? Did you ever think about attending a hackathon but you couldn’t make the final decision and actually register? We offer you a number of reasons to make you to attend a hackathon this year.

1. Connect with other passionate developers and grow as a developer

This is the perfect context where you can meet other talented and motivated developers who like building things just as much as you do. Junior or senior, each of them can help you with new information and new techniques specific to your domain or even from another area that you might even like. Also, you will be guided by over 40 mentors, so be open for this opportunities.

2. Make friends and have fun

A hackathon it is not all work and no play. A hackathon it’s also a social event. Be kind and open, because you will find different types of people and you can make friendships for life. Working with a team it offers you great experiences, lots of fun and laughter. Also, your team will have acces to a fun & relax zone and do not forget – a friendship becomes stronger with a coffee and a pizza.

3. Demonstrate your skills

You could be a talented developer, but you alse need recognition. Showing people what are truly capable of by creating amazing apps, games or websites cand lead to winning the big prize and to get props from the community. Demonstrate that you are versatile, involved and dedicated in what you do, come out ahead and show your determination and surely the doors will start to open for you.

4. The chance to build a project you’ve had in your back pocket for a long time

A hackathon can help you to keep focused on the end goal and turn your ideas into a prototype. We know that you are a dreamer and for this reason the hackathon is a perfect place where your ideas will come to life. No more barriers, constraints, you can do whatever you want to make your plan a reality. Be creative and now build the project you kept hidden from the eyes of the world.

5. Meet potential employers & investitors

Attending a hackathon gives you the opportunity to interact with the companies that are supporting the event and investitors who judge your idea. Make connections that will help you in your future career. Get to know people who can support you with informations, opinions and ideas that will add a plus to what you do. Share your views with employees and investors, communicate and debate. This experience will show you a new face of the field in which you are active.

We hope we convinced you and motivated you not to miss this edition of the event. Be part of the hackathon and enjoy all the moments described. Live a new experience and learn things that will help you in the future. Enjoy little things, enjoy the hackathon!

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