5 reasons to attend an online hackathon

5 October 2020 news

How about pandemic time? The normal is changing, but people still attend at conferences, workshops, masterclasses.. even hackathons. Where? In online. How do online events sound to you? What about online hackathons?

If you`re wondering what can make you join an online hackathon, here are some reasons to make sure you don’t want to miss DevHacks 2020, a 24-hour hackathon which takes place in November.

  1. Contributing to the everyday impact on our society – Our society has been the hardest hit this year. The economy, health, tourism, labor market and people have fully felt the negative effects of the pandemic. What do you do at the hackathon for society? You generate saving ideas, thoughts that can influence the lives of citizens, prototypes that can be the basis of a successful application with which you can save lives. Here you can put into practice the theoretical notions and you can develop the key that will make its mark on the world.
  2. Learning opportunity – A hackathon is a very good place where you can improve your knowledges. You will have the chance to meet mentors, they are skilled people in the IT area, with extensive informations about what interests you. You can ask them questions, you can learn new things and you can develop from the point of view of acquaintances. You will also have the opportunity to talk to people from companies, people with extensive experience in the field in which you want to work.
  3. New career choices – Being part of a hackathon, the chances of finding a new job are quite high. The companies that are partners of the hackthon can offer you new career opportunities depending on your level of training or even, if you are skilled and determined, you can stand out without much experience. Anyone can have a chance to find something that will fit with what they want.
  4. Prizes & the winner title ­- Who doesn’t like prizes? Participating in a hackathon may be nice, but what is it like for you to be the winner of a hackathon? Nothing compares to the satisfaction of being a winner and proving to everyone that you were able to complete the challenge and that you overcame your initial condition as a simple participant. So when you don’t know whether or not to participate in a hackathon, think that you can be one of the winners. You wouldn’t want to miss this chance.
  5. Having fun & making new friends – Hackathon means new experiences, but also new friends. Working in a team will always be interesting and will keep you trained. Teamwork will make you create new friendships, keep in touch with nice people even after the end of the contest. Such experiences remain memories for life, and at the moment they are full of fun, good cheer, but also entertainment. And think about it, if you went through a hackathon with that friend, you can go through it all with him.

And what happens next? Did I convince you that participating in an online hackathon is not a waste of time?

See you soon at DevHacks 2020, if you want to live a new experience, PRE-REGISTER HERE and enjoy the moments that will follow.