CrowdStrike Highlights from This Year’s DevTalks

3 December 2020 news

For the second year in a row, CrowdStrike is a proud sponsor of DevTalks Reimagined – which brings together local and international thought leaders from the tech industry. Though this year’s event took place in a virtual setting, it didn’t limit the learning or networking potential of this three-day event. We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth, completed our quiz, or interacted with any of our team members at this event. And we would especially like to thank this year’s DevTalks Team who worked tirelessly to help plan and host the event!

Here are some of our favorite moments.

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The Big Data and Cloud Stage Partner

As always, this year’s DevTalks offered some fantastic learning sessions, with presentations focusing on some of the most pressing strategic and tactical technology challenges that companies are facing today.

CrowdStrike sponsored the Big Data & Cloud Stage, where we had many great talks with industry leaders sharing insights on the latest in cloud technology, and where we were able to share how CrowdStrike is tackling some of the most sophisticated technical challenges of the day at scale and speed.

At CrowdStrike, all of our engineers and technologists work with data at a massive scale. In 24 hours, CrowdStrike will detect more than 500 billion events—over 4 trillion events per week.

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Our Keynote: “Implementing Incremental Resharding for Elasticsearch”

In his keynote address, Radu Calin, Sr. Manager, Engineering shared how CrowdStrike scaled its Elasticsearch clusters to meet the high expectation of ingestion and search performance. The presentation covered an architectural approach that allows companies to flexibly manage and scale an Elasticsearch cluster to tens of terabytes while maintaining fully operational levels of a real-time security solution. The slide deck from the talk is available here.

The keynote struck a great discussion about systems ideology at our follow-up Q&A session.

“Presenting at DevTalks offered the CrowdStrike team a unique opportunity to showcase the technical challenges that we are tackling at scale in front of a knowledgeable audience. After the presentation, we were pleasantly surprised by the interactions with the participants who engaged with us in the chat room regarding deeper aspects or our Elasticsearch incremental resharding solution,” said Radu Calin.


Live Q&As, Fun Raffles and a Unique Go Workshop

We prepared a technical quiz for attendees, and the winners were invited to participate in a Golang workshop delivered by our engineers. The workshop covered how to build a practical application around service mesh functionalities in a microservice ecosystem using Go without previous experience with the language.

Throughout the conference, our engineers and the recruitment team were online to answer any questions and we also hosted various Q&A sessions on cloud engineering, machine learning, and automated testing so that attendees could gain a better understanding of our processes and architecture.

“Congrats for organizing the workshop. Both Cezar and Mihai were excellently prepared to respond to all the questions, and they had an in-depth knowledge of the Golang programming language. It was a pleasure for me to participate.”  — Testimonial from the attendee.


CrowdStrike, a Remote-first Company

In the opening session, Daniel Radu, Sr. Director, Engineering discussed the advantages of a remote-first culture and how CrowdStrike has purpose-built its tools, systems, and processes to enable asynchronous work. Daniel also talked about how CrowdStrike establishes and maintains a sense of culture for employees even though many works remotely almost exclusively.

For digital-native companies like CrowdStrike, the ability to work remotely is a deliberate strategy that fuels innovation and attracts the best available talent regardless of their location. Truly remote-first cultures just make remote work feel natural and normal. It’s not an experiment, it’s not a perk, it is a fully formed, legitimate work model. We empower people to do their best work and encourage a work-life balance that has paid off for our company,” said Daniel Radu.


CrowdStrike at a Glance

CrowdStrike is a leading provider of next-generation endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and response services. With operations in 176 countries and the ability to collect and process over 4 trillion a week CrowdStrike plays a significant role in protecting some of the largest blue-chip companies in the financial services, technology, retail, and energy sectors. The company’s core product, Falcon protects customers against all types of cyberattacks and uses AI solutions and attack indicators to stop real-time threats.

CrowdStrike has a dynamic and diverse culture that crosses borders. In 2018, we opened a Center of Innovation in Romania to drive the company’s research, development, and innovation capabilities. The facility is now home to a team of more than 70 engineers spanning the fields of Cloud Engineering, Security Response & Research, Data Science, Security Operations, Technical Support, and Program Management.

Falcon X, one of CrowdStrike’s signature products, was developed at the Center of Innovation in Romania. It was named the Best Threat Intelligence Technology in 2019 at the RSA Conference. (

CrowdStrike is currently expanding our local presence in Romania at an exponential rate. We are constantly hiring highly-motivated and qualified employees in Romania. Please check our Careers page to learn more.