How a successful edition of DevTalks in pandemic times looked like

27 July 2020 news

The 7th edition of DevTalks took place this year for the first time online, a memorable event – DevTalks Reimagined. Yes, we did it together! We are now the pioneers of the only event with an Expo Area, 13 stages full of quality content, dedicated areas & IT top companies that helped us become one of the largest and complex online conference for developers and the IT community.

And the numbers are on our side for this 2020 edition. Our 5.264 active participants, the 14.224 chat messages, the 287.976 interactions on the agenda, 3.000+ persons who completed the partners quizzes showed that online can connect people, interaction being one of the key words in organizing an online event, but also an element on which participants place great emphasis.

DevTalks Reimagined has become a driver of change for the tech world, connecting IT professionals and developers, businesses and startups from all around the world. Step by step, this virtual edition made it possible to create an audience passionate about technology internationallyMoldova, UK, USA, Germany – these are some several places in which DevTalks Reimagined has managed to create a new virtual experience.

At every edition, DevTalks brings together the IT Community in Romania and not only. Our participants are special because they are different. The experience in the field speaks for itself most of the time at DevTalks, but we also applaud people eager to learn new technical skills or enter this path of the IT industry. 67.6% of professionals with over 3 years of experience in technology means a lot, and 32.4% of juniors make us happy because we know that this area will always have fresh forces to keep things moving and help the industry grow.

Also, we are the largest learning network for the developer’s community and our participants are not just software developers or engineers, but also managers, CEOs, CTOs, team leads or people connected to this area, who want to learn more from our IT professionals. We have a wide range of people that have been with us, with different job titles, and this encourages us and motivates us to always offer them even greater and greater experiences at our future editions!

Our DevTalks audience it`s represented by IT professionals with a large pool of technologies in their resume. At DevTalks Reimagined we had 13 stages with a various content to cover the interest of our participants. We`re glad to see that this year, Java, Front-end technologies and Databases are the top 3 technologies known by our < dev/> community.

Diversity is one of our main priorities for DevTalks. At this virtual edition, 31.11% of our participants were represented by women and 68.99% men. That being said, we also want to encourage the women in tech community at every edition of DevTalks, hence our dedicated area for women in tech. Also, 6 amazing women had webinars which were aimed to inspire the next generation of women in tech.

This is what DevTalks Reimagined looked like in numbers through our eyes, the organizers. But DevTalks also meant interaction, diversity, dedication, passion, involvement and professionalism – these are some of the words that define this experience the best. A big thank you to our partners, to the participants, to the startups, to the media partners and to our whole team behind that made this wonderful event possible! 

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DevTalks Romania Team