Interview with Adrian Nasui, Technical Lead | Senior Manager | EY wavespace

4 June 2019 devTalks

Adrian currently works as a Technical Lead at EY Romania.

His work is split between EY wavespace, EY’s in-house innovation center, and other technology projects. He is passionate about creating robust, scalable, usable software. He constantly explores the path to building agile, self-organized technical teams.

In his spare time, he reads avidly and sometimes writes about software, agile, open source and technology in general.

  1. Why have you chosen to be part of the DevTalks conference?

An important part of EY’s strategy is to show why we’re so much more than an accountancy firm and how we’re putting technology at the heart of everything we do, for our clients and our people. Our services leverage a wide range of technologies that ultimately simplify the life of our clients and the EY people.

We want to signal the professional community that EY is involved in very interesting technical projects both worldwide and at national level. We believe that showcasing our technological areas of focus will surely drive curious people to learn more and want to engage with us.

DevTalks is the perfect fit for this, due to the nature of the event and its participants. It is an international event that brings together IT professionals, software developers, businesses, start-ups and great speakers – and we’d love to network and share insights with all of them.

  1. You mentioned areas of focus. Can you elaborate on this topic?

Our areas of focus include a host of technologies leveraged by dedicated and virtual teams.

EY Bucharest has an RPA Center of Excellence that is the largest RPA consultancy department in the entire CESA region. We have assembled teams that focus on topics such as Machine Learning, OCR and Document Intelligence, Process Mining, Chatbots, Cloud Architecture and BPM.

Then there’s EY wavespace, our innovation center, an actual physical and digital hub where we explore innovative ideas and help bring them to life.

Our data science and analytics team focus on extracting the maximum amount of value and intelligence from various datasets, while our experienced Data Warehouse team leverages large-scale modern database platforms to assist clients in storing and managing their ever-growing quantity of data.

And finally, we have also brought together software development teams that are working on growing and maintaining our software assets.

True value, we believe, comes from gathering all the above into a fully collaborative, agile environment. Coupled with EY’s traditional business understanding, having such a multi-disciplinary group of individuals is leading to genuinely inspiring achievements.

  1. EY is Stage Partner for the Digital Transformation stage. Why Digital Transformation?

Our mission is to guide organizations in their digital journeys, helping them avoid common pitfalls and streamline complex business challenges using available technologies. For this reason, partnering with DevTalks to host the Digital Transformation stage was a natural fit for us.

Our session will show how EY empowers client companies to navigate this Transformative Age and translates emerging technologies into real use cases that solve critical business challenges.

  1. What can we expect to see at your booth?

We tried to build a multilayered experience, mixing together interactive games, digital apps and direct interaction. The concept behind it was to have a space that sparks our visitors’ creativity and curiosity, where it’s fun to exchange ideas.

At our booth, you will get to meet our team members, discuss emerging technologies, take a VR tour of our headquarters, see if you can solve our technical quiz and play some retro arcade games.

Drop by our booth and get immersed in the journey. Spend some time with us, explore our mobile web app. Ask questions, discuss ideas and discover what EY is about.

  1. What is EY’s involvement in the local IT communities

We stay connected with several local IT communities through various partnerships.

EY’s partnership with Tech Hub Bucharest is called Start-up Advantage. Through this program, EY mentors start-ups to take control of their finances, taxes, accounting, project management and GDPR-related issues.

We also have an active partnership with ADCES, a .NET Full Stack software developer community that hosts regular meetups at our office, in the EY wavespace area. These meetups address in-depth technical topics presented by the very developers that work with those technologies. Topics from recent meetups include Progressive web-apps, Xamarin Forms, Angular, ASP Net Core, Azure Cloud and Quantum computing. By supporting this group, we contribute to the growth of the very talented Bucharest software community, giving them a space to share new ideas, be creative or simply meet each other.

What people at EY say:

“I became a member of the EY family 6 months ago. During this time I’ve had the chance to evolve as part of a dynamic environment.

As a full stack software developer I interact with exciting technologies such as RPA, OCR and ChatBots and participate in all stages of solution development, from analysis and software design to coding and architecture.

Everyday at EY is an opportunity to learn new things and face new challenges, which is not that difficult when you are surrounded by a professional team and great mentors. But it’s not only about work, I’ve also had the chance to meet great people and have a lot of fun.”

Adrian Ivan, Full Stack Software Developer

After joining EY, my entire career perspective has changed. Every day I benefit from being part of a very professional environment. My team focuses on adopting the latest technological trends and on expanding its portfolio of services.”

Daniel Ruse, RPA Developer