Kaufland Romania started the registrations for Accessibility Hackathon

26 March 2021 news

Kaufland Romania started the registrations for Accessibility Hackathon, the social event launched to “Contribute. Code. Integrate. Ensure the access of people with disabilities in the labor market.”

Kaufland Romania, a Top Employer that strongly supports diversity and equal opportunities, announces the launch of the first social hackathon organized by the company, under the slogan “Contribute. Code. Integrate. Ensure the access of people with disabilities in the labor market”. Accessibility Hackathon takes place between April 16 and May 14, exclusively online, being open to all the IT specialists across the country, regardless of their current location.

Accessibility Hackathon puts into play a prize of $16,000 and is waiting for registrations between March 15 and April 14, of teams with 3-6 members, with the necessary technical skills to develop innovative solutions for better integration of people with disabilities in the labor market.

Kaufland Romania means, above all, care for the communities that host us and care for employees. From this commitment was born this special project that we are happy to start – Accessibility Hackathon. We don’t just stop to welcome colleagues with disabilities in the team with open arms. We want to go further and identify, together with professionals in the IT industry, the solutions that can make easier for them to get to the right job and, subsequently, to a more enjoyable professional activity.” Estera Anghelescu, Recruiting & Employer Branding Director, Kaufland Romania. “We hope that as many teams as possible will join us in this attempt, with the promise that, together with the mentors involved in this project, we will enjoy together a beautiful experience. And the people with disabilities, will benefit of an easier social and professional life”, she continues.

The new project comes as a natural continuation of the actions already started by the company in the last year and a half in terms of diversity, including the launch of the A.C.C.E.S. program (Hiring of Candidates with Special Requirements and Developments), designing the stores with equipment specially designed for people with disabilities or regular trainings organized internally for a good integration of the new colleagues with disabilities in the team.

Through this hackathon, Kaufland Romania aims to continue this series of actions with a unique event, the first of its kind organized by the company, out of the desire to highlight the fact that reducing the challenges faced by people with disabilities is possible only by involving as many communities as possible.

Under the guidance of top mentors, who have chosen to be our partners at this event, the challenge for the participating teams is to support people with disabilities with useful technological resources, which will make their way to a less difficult professional life than it is today. Either it represents a useful solution for the job application process to help them find a suitable job according to their abilities, or to help them in the process of employment (preparation and completion of the necessary documents for occupational medicine or signing the contract) or in the one of integration to the new job (efficiency communication between them and new colleagues) – all ideas are expected and appreciated.

Kaufland is one of the largest employers in Romania. Over 15,000 people work in the 141 locations spread throughout the country. So far, more than 300 people with disabilities, from cities such as Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Satu Mare, Oradea have joined the team and are currently enjoying a better social life, having the support of their colleagues and the opportunity to put their skills into practice.

For more information about the event, we invite you to visit: kaufland.devtalks.ro and register for the hackathon!