1 February 2021 news

In these challenging days, be the one who saves the world from the alien attack. In this journey, you will be able to have fun and build your own city with coders worldwide!

It is time to meet your new friends in Luxcity!

Luxcity is Luxoft’s brand new game dedicated to programmers who know JavaScript, Python, C# (.NET), Java, Typescript, Go, C++, Kotlin, Ruby and PHP. All you need to do is to interact with other players to build together a city, improve the city all day and protect him from the alien invasion.

The rules are simple – build, research and develop strategies. If you want to upgrade your buildings and grow your community, you must go through some technical tests where you will put to use the technologies that you know.

Have fun & save the world!

Joining the game, you will have the opportunity to interact with more than 8000 players from every corner of the world.  What more? We all like to have fun and this game has the entertainment component special for bad and unhappy days. It is a cool game with a big final prize – new buddies and lots of memories!

For more info about the challenge and registration, check the link here:

About Luxoft

Luxoft is a digital transformation services and software engineering firm providing bespoke IT solutions that drive business change for customers globally. This company is part of DXC Technology and enables digital business transformation, enhances customer experiences, and boosts operational efficiency through its strategy, consulting, and engineering services.

The values that Luxoft believes are: consistently high level of delivery, client orientation, agility, creativity and problem-solving capabilities.