Staying close to the Junior IT Community – Interview with Radu Dita

12 April 2018 devTalksJr

1. Why did you decide to get involved in DevTalks for Juniors?

I decided to get involved in DevTalks for Juniors because I strongly believe there’s an actual need for students and juniors to get in contact with the ins and outs of the industry. Juniors require exposure to the industry, so they can make more informed decisions about the future of their careers.

2. According to your personal experience, what is the importance of investing in the Juniors IT Community?

There is a difference in what an employee wants and what the company he/she works for wants. Some might call this a conflict.

However, by investing in the Juniors IT Community the people involved in this process can help to alleviate the situation. On one hand, the junior becomes more aware of what is expected of him/her. On the other hand, the company can reassign the resources (time, money, team members) normally used for this type of training to more elaborate projects, that will benefit the junior in the long run.

Another gain is related to the different areas of the IT industry. There are many different areas that one can work in, but it’s a hard decision to take when you’re not exposed to them. Events like DevTalks for Juniors definitely help with this: a Junior can get relevant information from people in those particular areas and decide accordingly.

3. At DevTalks for Juniors you will have a workshop on Fast development of iOS apps using 3rd party libraries. Why it is a valuable topic for the IT Juniors?

Juniors have the tendency to try and create everything by themselves. This is a good approach when you want to learn new things, and want to dive into certain topics, but it is not very productive. For example, piecing many different frameworks together can turn into an inconvenience, as the Junior might end up trying to integrate and glue everything together without optimal results. Thus, there is a balance to consider at all times. In the end, this is what I would like to show: ways to figure what the Juniors need to integrate, and things that they should develop on their own, while always keeping in mind the end goal: the product.

4. Do you have any recommendation for the DevTalk for Juniors’ participants?

My personal take on this: use DevTalks for Juniors to figure out what you want to do with your careers in the near and far future!

If you would like to attend his workshop on 12th of November, save you seat at DevTalks for Juniors here