The next IT Projects for this Autumn!

12 April 2018 news

This autumn we are ready to deliver a fresh boost of knowledge and fun with a new series of events for the IT Community!

Let’s take a look at the future challenges for the developers&IT professionals and see why you should join us in creating these new experieces together.

We are preparing our upcoming events in a way that the IT Community can step-up and build great know-how, share new ideas and meet other people from the IT&C field, from juniors to seniors!

The first event of this autumn will be the DevAfterWork rounds. The After Work environment encourages 1-to-1 connections, sharing of ideas and open information exchange, so don’t miss the opportunity to connect with other participants within those sessions. Also, DevAfterWork is a key event for the IT&C Community because you get the chance to have meaningful discussions with top specialists, get new insights and give voice to your personal ideas about the IT field.

13260083_1550865745218564_8793243618064832768_nWhat is outstanding about DevAfterWork?

The 3 hours’ approach involves the Community in an accelerate learning process, putting top-notch trainers & speakers face to face with amazing professionals. This represents a win-win context where developers can share their knowledge and talk about their challenges faced in their career and also interact with an experienced audience from the following ares: IT, Telecom, Java, Php, .NET, QA, C++/C#, BI, Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, Web, UX, Embedded Software and much more.

What will produce greater results?

We keep our partners close in this process so the IT Community will benefit from small trainings with professionals from their companies. For a bigger impact on the IT&C field, we target 5 cities: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, Iasi and Timisoara.

How to build a strong community of IT professionals?

After the huge gathering this June at DevTalks Romania, DevTalks for Juniors is our way to address the Juniors Community with an agenda structured around the most desired technologies. The main focus will be on keeping the participants engaged with a day full of gaining experience in the field and empowerement to improve their skills.


Why is it a valuable experience for the Juniors IT Community?

The learning process will be set in a practical frame, with one day of seminars and conferences, structured on two main tracks, Embedded & IoT and Web & Mobile. The most exciting part for the Juniors will be the opportunity to discuss about current and new technologies and find insightful solutions to deal with the challenges in the academic or working area.

So, what about a gathering point for the top juniors in the IT&C field on 12th of November at DevTalks for Juniors?

The last challenge of this year?

DevHacks, the event where professionals from the IT Community will have the freedom to transform the local reality24 hours of hacking to develop smart solutions and share your own vision for the daily challenges from your personal life.

Why will DevHacks produce the biggest impact?

Over 260 developers gathered in 65 teams will bring valuable ideas, will gain new skills, and will also have fun. DevHacks will be structured in 8 categories: IoT, Gaming, Fintech, Open Source, Robots, Smart City, Education and Health, engaging in the competition coders of any age, who master any language even if it is HTML/CSS, Javascript, Java, C/C++/C#, Phyton, Ruby, iOS, Android & others.


Making the community of IT professionals even stronger?

All the hard work can be continuously validated by the 35 mentors ready to get involved and stay focused in the coding process. This will not be easy, but 24 hours of putting ideas into practice it is the most fullfilling experience for the participants.

On 19-20 November, stay close! Coders will join their forces and will be part of a real process of improvement and innovation!

Stay around and make the most of a great networking opportunity, meeting and interacting with over 460 participants from the  IT&C field at our events!

Check out the booklet and see how you can support our events!

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