What you need to know about The Programmers’ Week, powered by Cognizant Softvision

3 September 2019 news

We know you have the Passion, but do you have the Drive? We invite you to find out more about the event organized by our partner, Cognizant Softvision! Check out more details here:

  1. How did you come up with the idea to organize The Programmers’ Week? What’s the history behind this idea?

Five years ago, we wanted to find the best way to celebrate and say a Big Thank you to all of our technical colleagues, we wanted to acknowledge their knowledge and achievements in a way that is relevant to them, therefore Programmers’ Week was born. An entire week dedicated to them, during which all interested colleagues could share their knowledge to the entire organization and gain new one, by participating to different Tech Talks.

  1. What is the structure of the project and the major highlights for each event?

This year, we are taking it to the next level! We aim to open it to the larger public and create a versatile event that the entire tech community can take part in. 
The celebration includes 3 main events:

  • Online Webinars: The Tech Talks will cover the different technologies we work with and will be held by our people, during September 9th -12th, 2019.
  • The 256 Conference: Will be open to the global tech community and take place in Bucharest, InterContinental Hotel. By inviting thought leaders in their fields we aim to bring together IT professionals to discuss new ideas, the latest technology trends as well as share knowledge and experiences. September 13th, 2019, 200 conference participants.
  • The star in our program is the Coding Contest, which will take place a month after the above-mentioned events – Open contest to the larger tech community across locations. The aim is to get around 30-50 teams of 4-6 participants each. The contest will focus on the 4 main topics: Mobile, IoT, AI and Machine Learning. Teams should be as technical diverse as possible.
  1. Who should consider attending The Programmers’ Week?

As I previously mentioned, the events are opened to the entire tech community, which includes developer profiles from all over the world with a diverse range of technologies who are willing to get to know us, see how technically diverse we are, gain new knowledge.

  1. What is in it for me as a participant? (ex.: prizes, networking with top-notch speakers)

We aim to open the event to the larger public and create a versatile context where the entire tech community can take part in and exchage the best ideas with fellow executives.

In addition to networking opportunities, you’ll hear from with top-notch specialists, like: 

  • Malcolm Frank, President of Cognizant Digital Business
  • Andres Angelani, CEO at Cognizant Softvision
  • Shaun Walker, Technical Director & Guildmaster, Enterprise at Cognizant Softvision
  • Victor Rentea, Independent Trainer & Coach, Java Champion, Lead Architect at IBM Romania
  • And, of course, we have prepared amazing prizes for the winners, consisting of 25k $ – 1st place, 20k$ – 2nd place and 15k $ – 3rd place.
  1. A few things about the organizer. What sets Cognizant Softvision apart from other IT&C companies?

We like to say about us that we are different, but in a very exquisite way. This is the place where you will be challenged daily to reinvent yourself and become your best version. We are constantly innovating, we are constantly growing and we are constantly changing millions of lives around the globe through technology and the experiences we design.

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