Who were the supporters of DevHacks 2017

16 April 2018 devHacks

There is no event without supporters, so for the 3rd edition of DevHacks we were glad to have such great IT Communities to join our forces and encourage the persons to join this type of event and be part of this experience.

The idea behind a hackathon of 24 hours is to do something different, test your skills, meet new people, interact with mentors, and have fun. Learn something new, show your skills, and create new connections with IT professionals from your fields.

And this is how tech communitiesmedia partners and NGOs from Bucharest and not only got involved to spread the word.

Moreover, part of our actions to create a balance between the gender gap in the IT field was to create a new category, “Women in Technology”, where mixed teams could come up with innovative solutions. Communities of tech ladies also joined our forces and together with Girls in TechGirls Who CodeCodette and Women Techmakers we offered free invitations for the girls in tech.

Year after year we are happy to see that our partnerships are becoming stronger and this is going to be part of a greater movement of empowering the tech community to become a leading force for the local IT industry.

We have to thank everyone and we have the pleasure to introduce them to you: