13 start-ups that you will meet at DevTalks Bucharest

12 April 2018 devTalks

At the 2016 edition together with Impact HUB we have build a start-ups area in order to promote powerfull networking and to facilitate the involvement of the IT Community in developing valuable projects.

Here you go the first 13 start-ups that you can meet at the conference.

Woogie  is a hardware, voice enabled device built to be an afterschool assistant and in-room buddy for 6-12 years old kids. Think on an Amazon Echo but with a distinctive personality for children.
The entire personality, content and intelligence is in the cloud. We use AI, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning algorithms to provide the right content and relevant/catchy interactions for children according to age, gender, and school grade.
The initial target are English speaking countries – 17 million potential customers.

Wyliodrin Studio provides solutions for developing IoT applications. Check out this guys and find out if you can use their solutions. 

Neuro believes that the most important aspect when building a product is understanding your client, especially in B2C. Often many companies lack the in-depth understanding of their prospective client, so they end up delivering bad, unusable products (e.g. Microsoft and Zune). They believe that any business should have the opportunity to use cutting edge technology in order to create incredible products and deliver better services to the end user. Their focus is on providing affordable, easy to use neuromarketing solutions to businesses of all sizes, from small to enterprise. Our three main products are called Face, Voice and Shopper. 

Box2m is a group of consultants with 20+ years of expertise in technology (mobile networks, electrical engineering, embedded systems, OSS, system integration) and start-up business( intrapreneur start-ups, establishing technical support units & operations centers).
Against the trend on the market to rush with enthusiasm in launching products we’ve spent time and cash researching, benchmarking and testing the M2M industrial devices market and its needs against IOT/SCADA 4.0 evolution.
They have designed a range of such products (6 series, each series targeting one type of industry utilization), made 2 MVP’es (1 in industrial production readiness status and the other 1 in final design phase for industrial production) and look to make the other 4 possible.
Each product is designed actually as a whole integrated service (mechanics, power supply, ports, communication, protocols, security, management application).

ArKase develops self sustaining electricity production generation with 0 use of resource. Their first product is ArKase – The invention in question is a micro generator that works as an on the go self-charging mechanism. It transforms movement, temperature, sound, Wi-Fi signal, GPS, GSM, radio, satellite signal and light into electricity through an ingenious setting of microchips and antennas on a PCB. Their second project is an EV charging station: The standard charge time for an electric vehicle is 4 to 8 hours. This was initially solved by changing the storage device with a fully charged one, but the costs are very high, similar to a full tank of gas which is not very lucrative. This also raises the problem of storing fully charged accumulator in the charging stations. Explore Green Energy proposes a new charging standard, where the removal and replacement of car batteries will not be necessary, instead it proposes a system where the recharge time uses a larger stock source and is just under one minute and can be done individually with no expert needed with similar costs to those of the standard recharge time mentioned above. This whole process is done by a newly proposed transfer system from the larger accumulators to the vehicle. The recharge is safe and does not damage vehicle components.

Audio Libraria is the only application in this moment in Romania, which offers you the possibility to listen, online and offline, audiobooks : on web, on mobile phones and tablets, with iOS and with Android.
The application can be downloaded from AppStore and Google Play for free, the listener will pay only the price of the book.
At this moment, they have a database with more than 300 titles from publishing houses, authors and also free books.

EXIGEapp is a web-based tool that helps entrepreneurs and startups to financial plan their business, validate their business model and make business decisions.

Bunch is a mobile app we offer to event organiers that helps them deliver a great networking experience for their guests.
As an attendee, you can use Bunch to research other guests, create a list of people you want to meet and we facilitate conversation with our suggest and matchmaking features. Simple, easy to use, but powerful underneath.

UI Path builds automation libraries for developers and their code is used on literally millions of machines around the world, embedded in different products. Their automation technology is used by thousands of companies particularly in document management, call center, healthcare, financial, API enablement, data extraction and migration, process automation, application integration and business process outsourcing verticals. At DevTalks you will meet UiPath Studio and UiPath Orchestrator.

Holotech Studios is a start-up founded by five veteran cross-platform cross- generation console game developers.
During the crowdfunding campaign, without having any significant paid promotion or any form of prior brand recognition, Holotech Studios raised double the initial goal. Holotech Studios’ main product is FaceRig. FaceRig is a software that allows anyone to embody and animate outstanding real time CG character portraits via motion capture from a webcam stream or via direct pupeteering controls. It is meant to become a cross-platform, open, accessible real time digital actor framework for home or business use. A mobile version of FaceRig is currently under development and should be released soon. At the event you can find out more about FaceRig Classic- base version of FaceRig and FaceRig Mobile – beta version.

Pablo is a phone app for Android and iOS. It helps you practice and never forget your vocabulary when learning a new language.
Its main function is to quickly save and access an expression + translation in a unique list.
To help you practice, Pablo can send you daily self-evaluating quizzes based on the expressions you saved.
Finally, to collaborate between foreigners or language-learning partners, you can create a shared list with a friend, a classmate… Or even a whole class! Exchange your favorite expressions or translations from your own collection of words ;-). On 9th of June will have the chance to test The Pablo Mobile App.
More infos: https://medium.com/@gabriel_morin/you-re-learning-a-new-language-meet-pablo-a0687de2a170

Traderion uses advanced simulators and big data to match candidates to jobs in the financial industry. In Traderion’s dynamic and hyperbaric environment, the candidates learn and test their knowledge in the same environment in which they will operate. So, they say that the innovation in their idea is that they use highly realistic simulators and real life scenarios and that the candidates are assessed in a multi-massive role playing environment.

Academia inventeaza.ro  is a “before & after school” STEM educational program, based on acquiring practical notions of Robotics, Practical Electronics, Programming and Mechanics. The program is modular, tailored according to the age and the level of understanding of the participants and addresses to participants aged 7 to 17 years old. Currently, more than 300 children and teenagers are learning to build, control and program robots under the guidance of our mentors who are Olympics (Mathematics, Informatics) or are competing in national or international Robotics contests.

Quadron Engine is the easiest game engine that lets you create games without the knowledge of any programming language! Its easy and intuitive design helps you search through the menus very fast.


More coming soon…