The third edition of DevTalks Bucharest is about innovation, fun, and sharing experiences!

12 April 2018 devTalks

This year, the biggest IT conference take out new approaches in software development, highlighting its transition to 2020. The 2016 Agenda brings together great community leaders, innovation, fun, and the key ingredients to explore the trends that will shape Mobile, Web, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Smart Devices, Machine learning, Augumented Reality, Virtual Reality or Artificial Intelligence. Also, we are expecting more than 1000 developers to share their ideas and experiences.

With the focus on 5 areas of interest, DevTalks Bucharest will create the perfect place for networking and sharing knowledge, and also find out which are the latest trends of technology.


If you are looking for an environment where the members of the companies can interact with the participant of the event, then you can go in the Exhibition Area and see their portfolios of products, the latest projects, and also the plans for the development area. Some companies that can’t wait to meet you at the event are: IBM, ING Bank, eMAG, Vodafone Shared Services, Accenture, Ubisoft Romania, Ymens, DB Global Technology,, Optaros, AdsWizz, Axway, Stefanini Romania, Intralinks, Orange, EveryMatrix, Endava, Luxoft Romania, DRÄXLMAIER Group, Anritsu.

Sharing ideas, hear good stories, and inspire yourself is also important for any enthusiastic developer. We encourage the speakers and participants to share their experience in the Networking Area and interact with the other professionals with the same interests. Also, in online, the bonding will be facilitated by the MyCONNECTOR application which gives to all the members the opportunity to one-to-one connections.




13243760_1550853118553160_7644248082953444249_oThere is nothing more fun than playing with robots, testing gadgets and the latest smart devices. You can enjoy yourself at the Fun Area, a place sustained by the eMAG company, one of the partners of  the event, DevTalks Bucharest.

Part of the experience will be the opportunity to see the live demonstrations of the companies at their stands. So, go „live” at the Live demos to interact with the products and find out about the projects of the company!

The newest zone at the DevTalks 2016 edition is the The Startups Area. This is a special place where tech entrepreneurs, the participants, and also the future investors, can make the most of a good talk, sharing information, and explore common grounds.

Together with these 5 areas of interest, this edition will bring 4 stages for the content sessions giving a lot of quality information by the local and international speakers.

  • Transition to 2020 Stage represents the main stage of this year and the focus of this conference. You can see what The future of continuous integration means for Patkos Csaba or hear two different perspective in a Panel with Cristina Morariu and Silviu- Tudor Serban.
  • On the Mobile Stage you can find out about the latest technologies used for mobile development on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Here you can see a live demo of building a real-world application using Firebase’s JavaScript API by Badi Sudhakaran or get energy from the Anto Joseph’s presentation about Dynamic Analysis Made Easier for Mobile Apps.
  • The speakers on the Web Stage willpresent the trends of Web development, choosing the right technologies and the platforms in order to create an immersive experience for the users. Adrian Furtuna will put yourself in the shoes of a skillful attacker discussing about Live hacking demo or you can see why Adrian Neatu thinks that JavaScript + Hardware = Love.
  • The main topics on the Infrastructure of Internet Stagewill be BigData and Cloud and the connection between them. Terry Ryan, Developer Advocate at Google will get into the Containing Chaos with Kubernetes and Nicoleta- Cristina Iordachi will design a way to explain Data in all its Shapes and Colors.

In the end, are you ready to have some fun with the gadgets? Here are some examples of the products that can be tested at this edition:

  • BB-8 by Sphero – a remake of the BB-8 robot of Star Wars: The Force Awaken’s, which it’s moving in the exactly same way as it does in the movie, controlled by the phone or the tablet;
  • Lego Mindstorms EV3 – robots that combine the versatility of the LEGO systems design with the latest developed technology;
  • Ninebot – the future of the urban transport, 100 % eco friendly. Ninebot represents the next generation of the personal transport, because, in fact, we talk about a robot with a futurist design of a scooter;
  • The SCIO dispositive – a molecular scanner. This little scanner can identify the exact chimical composition of the aliments, reporting, for example, the additives contained in the food or the structure of some materials or surfaces;
  • The VR Glasses – give the participants the chance to experience the virtual reality through a lot of applications developed and presented at DevTalks Bucharest.

If you are prepared for a paradigm shift, come to meet us at the third edition of DevTalks Bucharest on the 9th of June at Romexpo (C1&C2).

You can find out more details about the registration and the DevTalks Bucharest agenda on our website DevTalks Bucharest or on at the section dedicated for the project. The companies that want to be part of the event can contact us on email at