Speakers’ thoughts on DevTalks 2016 – Interview with Stefanini

12 April 2018 devTalks

1. Why did you accept to be a part of DevTalks 2016?

It’s an opportunity to take part to a new edition of DevTalks, because it’s an interesting event, where we share information about IT and software development solutions, valuable advices and best practices. We talk here about the interaction with speakers experienced in software applications or devices development.

2. What is your message for our audience?

We are continuously challenged to find innovative means of providing valuable services through our Application Delivery Center from Bucharest. Through the years, we have developed proven business practices that deliver high-value services to customers. Our business model continues to focus on measurement, monitoring, continuous education and adaptation to change.
Come to meet us at Stefanini’ s stand for a sharing experience and an interactive event!

3. How will the future look for developers in 2020?

Not very different than the present, meaning that I don’t expect their life to be easier than now. New disruptive “things” in the IT field will continue to appear every year and the industry will probably continue to reinvent itself at the same pace as in the last few years. In what concerns the languages and technologies that will be the most commonly used by the developers, I expect to see, in a similar manner as with the spoken languages, both a convergence and divergence process. That would mean that some platforms will strengthen their leading position becoming more and more largely used while more niched ones will continue to appear and to have their own area of specialization where they will be the most natural choice.