Speakers’ thoughts on DevTalks 2016 – Interview with Karina Popova

12 April 2018 devTalks

1.Why did you accept our invitation?

After lots of conferences we can personally attest to the wide range of benefits that international communication provides for IT development nowadays. Our mission is to enable companies to realize innovation in the field of IoT. That’s why we want to share our knowledge about m2m communication and the fields of application of multi network SIM cards in this context. Besides of this, we appreciate the way previous DevTalks in Romania were organised. The insight brought about through cooperating with ITs from all over the globe is priceless.

2. What is your message for our audience?

When it comes to time critical information or security a permanent connection to all m2m devices is essential. If you have to be able to rely on the connection, multi network SIM cards are an option worth considering/could be the right solution.

3.How will the future look for developers in 2020?

As I now reflect back on my working experience, I would imagine that our future work as developers in 2020 could be more inspired by growing diversity. As information and data would be always the most powerful tools, we would deal more and more with different sensors and systems, analyzing the incoming information, based on the idea of robot-coders, testing probably would become the first major priority in our daily life.

4. What are the most used technologies within your company’s activities?

As we are an agile company, our developers are allowed to use any kind of technologies, starting from Java, Puppet, Front End and without any limits… Besides of this, we have a canon about slack time during Fridays. The personal development brings on stage even better applications and fun at work.

5. How does your company contribute to the growth of the local IT community?

We see our manner of working as the main contribution in our German IT community. My colleagues constantly arrange meetings, educate next generations of developers, navigate hackahions, attend conferences and share our experience via social networks and company’s blog. We feel that possibly inspiring people with our self-made agile environment, where knowledge sharing is the basic rule, thats why we have such a huge diversity of skills in whatever mobile. All our projects immediately grab attention, and facilitate developers constantly improve their vision.

6. What are your thoughts and expectations regarding your participations at DevTalks Bucharest 2016?

Honestly, we expect the main result of the participation to receive a practical recommendations in various IT and IoT topics. We would like to learn the basics of new technologies, keep track of trends and have an awesome deep conversations with developers to benefit our company and society as whole. As a secondary outcome, we would like to get an opinion and feedback about our proposed topic and ideas from participants. This will hopefully lead us to a course that could be expanded in the future to new ideas and successes.