19 startups will be present at DevTalks Bucharest

12 April 2018 devTalks

Meet them on June 9th at Romexpo!

Dev Talks Bucharest 2016 brings new things to the table, so you are not to miss this edition. One of the surprises we’ve prepared for you this year is that we designed a special expo area dedicated to startups.

For the first time at Dev Talks, you’ll have the opportunity to meet 19 of the best romanian IT startups and chat with IT entrepreneurs who came up with innovative ideas, which they turned into viable and promising projects.

We are glad to see how much interest developers have shown in the startups area and their further implication in the event. You can meet them all on June 9th at Romexpo C1 and you’ll be able to exchange ideas and learn new business strategies, discuss the development of the products and find out what makes a project awesome.

The Startups Area was created with the purpose of encouraging IT entrepreneurs to interact with the other participants, share information and explore common grounds. Also, this is the perfect context for them to meet and connect with potential investors.

Take a look at the 6 newest exhibitors that you will meet in the Startups Area at DevTalks Bucharest and prepare to hear many interesting ideas!

Marketizator is a conversion rate optimization tool which allows marketers to deploy A/B tests, surveys and personalization solutions without any IT help.

The tool has been built with the following conversion optimization process in mind:

  • Run online surveys in order to find out specific blocks the website users might have (eg. lack of trust, bad UX, purchase intention etc.)
  • After analyzing the survey results, create a hypothesis about what can be done in order to remove the blocks;
  • Create experiments using web personalization (exit pop-ups, advanced segmentation, etc) and AB testing;
  • Keep the valid experiments. Repeat.

Marketizator also allows for tracking various KPIs such as cart abandonment rate, page engagement, number of clicks on certain links or page elements etc.

We here at GoldieLab act as a two-fold operation. On the one hand, we’re working on our own projects such as Mangó (an IoT solution that we dreamed up at DevHacks which we will be demo-ing here at DevTalks). The way we see it, we deliver experiences. Our first project, EggyFlies is a compact mobile game which happens to have brought us all together. Since then, our objective has always been to delight and inspire.
On the other hand, we also offer our services to other startups and ventures. We deliver anything digital (meaning apps, sites, design, etc.). This all fits under the umbrella of interaction and delight.
Each member of our team is skilled in different aspects surrounding the aforementioned team. So we have it all: devs, designers, marketers. We’re happy to house ambitious individuals that want to make cool stuff together. In the future, we’re aiming for projects in AI and VR. Next year you can look forward to a demo from one of those two areas.
If you’d like to know more about what motivates us and also check out Mangó, we’re eager to meet you at DevTalks.

Echoz was developed for the companies that have difficulties in promoting their job openings, as traditional job boards are no longer used by IT and other high demand professions . The platform helps those companies by promoting their jobs naturally, directly in the IT professionals path, in the blogs and publications they read, or LinkedIn/Facebook groups which they follow. Echoz works directly with external “affiliates” interested in earnings by promoting job openings. As an “affiliate headhunting” platform, Echoz allows companies to pay only when a successful hiring in done, so saving cash from unsuccessful job promotion campaigns.
Different from other similar products, the platform is also publishing information relevant to IT professionals (where to eat, work environment, projects details, etc).
Also, Echoz created an innovative mechanism for allowing entire teams to “apply” to company projects, which solves “organizational fit” issues that companies have with new employees on urgent projects.

VisionBot is a pick and place robotic machine which is able to create automatically electronic products by placing surface-mount devices (SMDs) like capacitors, resistor, and integrated circuits onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). In this way engineers, makers, hackers, hobbyists and small and medium sized enterprises will be able to turn their prototypes into industrial products (electronic devices, computers, consumer electronics as well as industrial, medical, automotive, military and telecommunications equipment – any device that has integrated circuits or with other words anything that has a chip).

TrainerTour is a cycling simulator for bike trainers that reproduces the experience of cycling on real roads around the world.

Whether you want to conquer the famous climbs of the Alps or just cruise along a seaside road in Hawaii, you can invite your friends for a ride or talk to the other cyclists that happen to be there at the same time.

The performance minded can compete for Strava segments or participate in races that are faithfully simulated, from the drafting aerodynamics to the way the peloton changes shape when braking for a corner. All you need to ride is a bike and a smart trainer or power meter.

Civic Alert represents the quickest and simplest way of sending complaints, initiatives and proposals to the the state administrative units (mayors, managing parks and urban infrastructure, environmental, construction, cleaning, etc). With a simple mobile application, users can send the case file in less than 30 seconds in 3 easy steps: Photography, location, description. Citizen’s complaints will come to the attention of the authorities in an instant. For administrative authorities, Civic Alert application is the neural networksthat gets real-time information about city issues.

If you were thinking to start an IT business yourself, don’t miss the interaction with the startups at Dev Talks. We know that it will be a productive talk and you’ll surely leave the place with your mind filled with great ideas!

Save the date and see you on June 9th at Romexpo!