Take a piece of our cloud

12 April 2018 devTalks

At Ymens we take the cloud business very seriously but at the same time we love to play. We’ve decided that we need a cool playground for DevTalks and so we came up with the most adorable cloud hardware architecture: a stack of five Raspberry Pi 3.
This little mean cluster brings a promising specs sheet:
– 40 Cores
– 5 GB RAM
– 90 GB Storage

We put Kubernetes on top of it so we can easily run Docker images. Come to test its capabilities, and you can go home with a piece of our cloud. We will literally tear the cluster apart and will give a Raspberry Pi 3 to five brave programmers that will prove great skills during pair sessions. We also have extra gadgets and goodies to give away.
So don’t be shy, come share with us your passion for coding. We are eager to learn something from you and to share our knowledge with you.

We thought of some starting code samples, but you are free to propose anything you want to run distributedly in the cloud. We can code along in 20 minutes pair sessions.
And if you are not quite interested in cloud it’s fine with us. We are ready to pair with you in Java (Groovy/Grails), .Net, Python, AngularJS or even more exotic stuff like Erlang, Rust or Go.
You don’t even need a laptop, as our programming squad brings everything for a successful pair session: a laptop, a slice of pizza, a coke and the desire to code.

Look for the Ymens stand at DevTalks. See you there.