Anders Lybecker, Peter Senna Tschudin and Chris Raastad will be on the Datafication Stage on 8th of June

7 June 2018 devTalks

We are glad to share with you some thoughts of our amazing speakers from Datafication Stage: Anders Lybecker, Cloud architect catalyst engineer at Microsoft Peter Senna Tschudin, Founder at a new cloud computing company and Chris Raastad, Software Developer – North America at TransferWise

Anders Lybecker – Cloud architect catalyst engineer at Microsoft

  1. You are an expert in Azure and Cloud Architectures at Microsoft. What was the biggest challenge encountered along your career?

I really look forward to presenting my talk about learnings when designing and building solutions with the distributed open source platform Service Fabric.

Service Fabric is the underlying platform many of the PaaS and SaaS services in Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure.

I’m a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft and an expert in cloud architectures with Microsoft Azure.

  1. In your spare time, you have organized also development camps, talks and taught classes for large enterprises. Where this passion comes from and what is your motivation?

Besides my Microsoft job, I’m an active member in the development community. I co-lead Copenhagen .NET user group and the Azure Denmark user group, arrange conferences and teach workshops.

  1. What do you like most about the experience of being a speaker at conferences?

I’m motivated by sharing. Discussing with like-minded software craftsmen like you is my driving force.

That is why, I speak and attend conferences and meetups. Being inspired by the presenters, but the best part of conferences and meetups are the hallway discussions.

  1. Do you have a message for the DevTalks’ audience?

This is an open invitation to anyone to stop me in the hallway and discuss software solution.

Chris Raastad, Software Developer – North America at  TransferWise

  1.   First, we would like to thank you for accepting our invitation to DevTalks 2018. What convinced you to be our guest speaker?

You convinced me to your guest speaker!

In all, I love speaking at conferences. It’s a great feeling being on stage and connecting with a room full of people. It’s even better when people very interested in the topic come to you afterwards and continue the conversation. I enjoy meeting the other speakers. It’s a great way to show the world what makes it great to work at TransferWise.

  1. You are a Software Developer at TransferWise. Can you tell us more about your experience, what do you like most about it?

I was ~7000th user in TransferWise. We almost onboard that many customers in one day! I was so passionate about the company I joined as a developer as soon as I was hireable. It’s been an increadible journey going from 150 to 1000 people, from one application to 500+ github repositories. The company completely reinvents itself every 1-2 years. I can’t emphasise enough how great the environment is here. There are so much technology changes going from a small to medium to large to global company, every week is a learning experience seeing what other engineers are doing in our offices all around the world. We’re literally changing the world of money transfer and having fun along the way.

  1. Do you have a message for the IT community in Romania?

Hello over there! I look forward to meeting you all! 🙂

Peter Senna Tschudin – Founder at A new cloud computing company

  1. First, we would like to thank you for accepting our invitation to DevTalks 2018. What convinced you to be our guest speaker?

I liked what I saw on previous editions and I really wanted to be part of the event.

  1. Since 2011 you are specialized on Linux Kernel development. What do you like most about it?

My career did interesting turns since 2011. The Linux kernel is the largest software development project on the planet with over 20 million lines of code and an amazing rate of 8 new patches merged every single hour translating to  5789 patches per month. Deciding to join the kernel community was the single most important professional decision I ever made. The Linux kernel community is awesome! I learned how an online opensource community can change the world, and I’m applying my findings to cloud computing.

  1. Do you have a message for the DevTalks’ audience?

Never give up your dreams, and work with what you love. A friend of my dad changed career the day he son was born: from being a musician that he loved, to be an accountant that seemed safe and responsible. Twenty years later, he was fifty and got fired. Failing on his job was devastating for him. So if you can fail doing what is safe, you can for sure fail doing what you do love as well.