Dear participant, the coffee is served!

5 June 2018 devTalks

We like coffee and, we admit it, we are kind of peaky when choosing our partners who run the real show, to keep up the energy in the conference. Because a tech conference runs on coffee and good Wi-Fi. Things are different when running DevTalks so for us is a year job and one full of challenges.

Tassimo is the smart home-based coffee system that can read, so you can always prepare the perfect coffee at just a touch of a button in the shortest time. Whether you prefer ristretto coffee, espresso, caffe cream, cappuccino or even hot chocolate, Tassimo is the perfect solution for your day to day morning coffee, with no headaches and lost time.

DevTalks participants will have the chance to sample a selection of Tassimo LOR coffees, such as LOR Cafe Long, or LOR Lungo Profondo – 100% Arabica coffee or a delicious coffee drink with milk like LOR Cappuccino.

Tassimo addresses those who want to drink quality coffee from well-known brands such as Jacobs and LOR, which are easy to prepare, without headaches and litter, in the shortest time.

We have the coffee, the milk, sugar and everything nice @DevTalks Bucharest because Tassimo is ready to keep everyone happy and organize the service points smoothly.

All in all, we are happy when we have our coffee and see the networking buzz around it during the day. This is just awesome and the experience is not the same if you don’t keep up to great standards when talking about Coffee!