22 October 2020 news

DevCon Live is a technology hub of events activated during November with 4 weeks full of content on Java, Cybersecurity, JavaScript, Web & Mobile.

DevCon Live is dedicated to local & international IT professionals eager to learn about the latest trends in technology. On November 3-28 we’ll bring closer to the IT community the most desired technologies and innovations in the IT&C industry.

With a long tradition of participating at our technical events, Cognizant Softvision is a digital services global company that sits at the intersection of strategy, design and execution for the world’s leading global brands.

As a Main Partner at DevCon Live, Cognizant Softvision will be present with practical webinars and masterclasses presented by experienced speakers from the technical communities of Java, JavaScript and Web & Mobile. Cognizant Softvision will also host a virtual stand, where technical experts will answer questions from participants interested in state-of-the-art technology, projects and leadership, as well as career opportunities.

Cognizant Softvision actively recruits middle and senior level specialists, focusing on technologies such as Java, JavaScript and DevOps. The company continues to look for new talent in all five cities where it is present: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi and Baia Mare.

“Cognizant Softvision has been an active participant with virtual events this year. In September, we organized our sixth edition of Programmers’ Week, and now we’re proudly supporting DevCon as its Main Partner. This is one of the many steps we have taken since the start of the pandemic. We recognize the importance of staying connected, even virtually, to our colleagues and with the local tech community. This enables us to showcase our expertise, deliver a more enjoyable experience, and further demonstrate our support for one another,” said Mihai Constandis, Country Manager & Head of Romania studios at Cognizant Softvision.

In the 4 weeks of the event series, Cognizant Softvision will bring every week keynotes, masterclasses, fun activatons and great technical content from speakers such as: Vlad Cârcu, Java Developer & Mihai Ureche, Web Community Lead.

Vlad Carcu has worked as a Java Developer for the past 12 years, five of which he spent in various tech lead or team lead positions, managing teams up to five people. He has been involved in both maintenance and greenfield projects and has led teams both locally and remotely. Currently, Vlad is also an influencer in the Cognizant Softvision Enterprise Coffee Community, involved in sharing knowledge and developing talent.

Vlad will have a presentation on November 3 at Java Week about “Api First vs. Code first: The ‘why’s and ‘how’s using Swagger, Spectral and openapi-generator-maven-plugin”. The aim of this presentation is to make API first easier to adopt. To accomplish this, we’ll compare API first to Code first, on multiple dimensions, like ease of use and impact in the project. By the end we’ll have recommendations on when to use each of them. All the information will be backed by examples, and the respective code will be available on github.



Mihai Ureche is a Full Stack Developer with 12 years of experience in the field & a big passion for Sci-Fi movies. At Cognizant’s Full-Stack Web Community, Mihai is helping his colleagues to improve their technical and soft skills.
Mihai will have a presentation on November 10 at JavaScript Week about Microfrontends – ReactJS & Angular, where attendees will learn about micro frontends and how these will help the development process, but also how micro frontends could be implemented using React or Angular.



Cognizant Softvision will also deliver a Masterclass that takes an interactive approach for discovering the ins and outs of the Android Jetpack ViewModel, and explores how it was constructed, how to do it yourself, and how it should be properly used in practice. “Building your own Jetpack” will be presented by Radu Marin, Android Community Lead & Alexandru Gherghina, Android Team Lead. The Masterclass focuses on switching between theory and practice to better understand all of the subtle details around Android ViewModels while sprinkling some best practices that should take your Android development skills to the next level.


At our first Edition of DevCon in 2019, we deep dived into the most discussed topics and technologies of the moment with 4 dedicated conferences on AI & Machine Learning, Security, QA & Testing, and Java.

For 2020 and this November, we raised the bar and created a different concept event that showcases 4 weeks full of content on Java, Cybersecurity, JavaScript and Web & Mobile, with 30-minute keynotes, workshops with 25-30 participants, 1.30 h masterclasses, an expo booth with special designed challenges for the audience and special events. DevCon Live is also taking DevHacks under its event umbrella, designing a Java Hack with 80 participants in a 12-hour challenge.

“Starting from our first edition of DevCon in 2019, where we held 4 conferences on independent topics, the second edition of DevCon comes with a new format through which participants can access a wide range of activities meant to provide an infusion of know-how for the Romanian IT community. Thus, the novelty of this edition is represented by the expansion of DevCon Live that brings an umbrella of online events held throughout November, offering participants quality technical content and news trends in the IT & C industry. In addition, the support of our Main Partner, Cognizant Softvision, gave us a vote of confidence to build together an experience as valuable as possible for the participants”, said Andreea Tudorache, DevCon Live Project Manager.


Cognizant Softvision:

With 1.800 colleagues now in Romania, organised in 14 technical Guilds, Cognizant Softvision is already recognized as one of the country’s leading technology employers. We have been present since 1998 and we have continuously grown over the years into a powerful team. With Studios in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Timișoara, and Baia Mare we embrace both IT professionals with strong software development skills, as well as young talented people, willing to learn and to develop their career.
Delivering sustainable innovation, agility and a connection that inspires engagement and business transformation, we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest leading brands like Estee Lauder, Groupon, Microsoft, Macy’s, Mozilla, Lululemon, Neiman Marcus, among others.

Catalyst Solutions:

Catalyst Solutions is a full-service company with 13 years of experience in recruitment, talent attraction and employer branding. Since 2006, we implement various innovative solutions in order to accomplish all our clients’ requests. With professionalism, we organize projects for any company who has interest in recruiting high potentials, building and refining employer branding strategies or investing in raising their brand awareness.


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