Don’t miss the chance to be the winner of DevHacks 2020!

10 November 2020 news

DevHacks 2020 returns in a few days with 2 new dedicated hackathons!

This year DevHacks takes place under the umbrella of the DevCon Live event and will capture 2 major topics of interest to participants. Education & Gaming! Not at all similar, but still with a common substrate – creating innovative ideas that bring a contribution to the society in which we live.

On 13 – 14 November, we wiil meet online at Driving Innovation in Education Hackathon powered by Systematic! Education is a major area of interest today, but also the most affected area during the pandemic. They also have innovative ideas that will add to the education, to help the children to have easier access to education, but also to make the work of the teachers easier.

We have some great surprises for you, such as the grand prize worth 1000 euros! Also, 2nd and 3rd places will receive surprise prizes that we will announce on the day of the event!

On 20 – 21 November, we are waiting for you at the Gaming Hackathon powered by Playtika! The gaming and entertainment industry has evolved a lot in recent years. Social games, interactive, but also fun for society were designed. You can participate and create innovative ideas, ideas that contribute to the development of society, but also to keep people involved.

We have prepared for you the big prize worth 1500 euros! The 2nd is 800 euros and 3rd place is 400 euros! Be the winner of the contest and enjoy an unforgettable new experience!

Joining us on DevHacks 2020, you will have the chance to meet great teams and also to exchange ideas and thoughts that may become the next big steps for our tech industry.

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