Interview with Roy Derks – Manager Engineering @Vandebron and Speaker @JavaScript Week

9 November 2020 news

Roy Derks is a serial startup CTO, developer, author and conference speaker from Amsterdam. Currently leading the engineering teams at Vandebron, on a mission to provide the world with renewable energy.

Enjoy the following interview with Roy and stay tuned for his keynote on November 10, at JavaScript Week ->


Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Roy, I’m a tech entrepreneur, author and speaker from The Netherlands. I’ve been working in tech since I was 14 and started my first company, for which I needed to learn how to program.

A day in the life of …

Roy Derks: A day in the life of a Tech Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur , Leading the Engineering teams at @vandebron?

I often spend the time in the morning to check up on my companies and social timelines, and read an (online) newspaper during breakfast. I take this time to start early and wake up, to start the day in good spirits. Often I start the rest of the days with meetings for Vandebron where I’m leading the Engineering teams, and work on architectural documents for our technologies. To stay fresh I either use my lunch breaks to go running, boxing or walks with friends or colleagues. My evenings are either spend on social activities with friends, reading (or writing) books and watching documentaries.

What does JavaScript mean to you? Describe it in 5 words.

Roy Derks: It’s the most versatile language.

What is your superpower?

Roy Derks: JavaScript is an easy to use programming language that works in every browser, and is easy to read for most developers

What about work-life balance?

Roy Derks: As you read in what my day looks like, I try to balance work and life as best as possible. Ideally I don’t work every evening, which is sometimes hard as an entrepreneur.

Short overview about your keynote at DevCon 2020 – virtual edition.

Roy Derks: I’ll talk about GraphQL and how you can use it to simplify your codebase, to get the best possible developer experience there is!


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