Emia.com is joining DevTalks and showcases a new way of visitor interaction

27 May 2019 devTalks

Emia.com, a multidisciplinary IT hub, develops cutting edge, integrated solutions for digital advertising, leveraging advanced technologies and global resources. With innovation and originality at its core, the company combines progressive technology and intelligence to respond and adapt to the latest trends in the industry. Emia.com always tries to stay one step ahead by developing and applying imaginative proprietary software solutions, built by assessing the digital market’s latest developments and modelling new ideas into better operating applications.

As an IT entity that encourages creativity and innovation, taking part in DevTalks focuses on showcasing Emia’s work culture and technical approach to doing things. With a tradition in bringing together smart IT minds for over 5 years in various hackathons, Emia.com seized the opportunity of challenging such minds once again.

The exposition demo at DevTalks will be focused on a Hack and Win type of competition, where visitors are given the chance to win the latest generation Microsoft Xbox One X on each day of the event. The idea is to give the IT professionals’ community present at the event an incentive to showcase their abilities in an engaging and fun way, emphasizing that IT is not just work, it’s also “play”.

Participating in the contest will be easily accessible from Emia’s expositional space and participants will need to sign up on the provided platform and just try their best. The hack itself will be a standalone type of hack that combines a variety of IT knowledge and will have a “capture the flag“ feel to it. It will challenge the participants but it will also be an engaging way to put their skills and abilities to work. A number of 3 workstations will be available at the booth but participants are encouraged to bring their own “computing device”.  Each day of the event will have its own “hack” and the first participant to successfully solve it will be the day’s champion and the winner of the prize.

The competition is based on Emia’s daily technical work challenges combined with cyber security issues. In order to solve the hacks and win the prizes, the participants will need to show their skills in solving networking problems, have a good knowledge of Linux and a good foundation in reverse engineering, algorithms and various programming languages. The main drive for being a part of the mini hackathon is having a solid curiosity and a sense of validating self-knowledge base.

Setting up this type of event during DevTalks is a fun way of interacting with IT professionals and it also represents a dynamic skills and abilities check for those who want to do something different.