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7 September 2020 news

4 weeks, 4 stages, knowledge sharing, masterclasses and LIVE Sessions

Already pioneering with the only event with an expo area, 13 stages, dedicated areas & IT top companies that helped us become one of the largest and complex online conferences for developers and the IT community; DevTalks set the standards high and registered 6035 people on the platform and 5264 active participants, 58 booths, 100+ live sessions, 13 stages, 21 companies, 11 webinars and 38 media partners.

As DevTalks Reimagined had an incredible outcome, we gathered our forces and shaped our next online event – DevCon 2020 to a larger period of time and with some extra benefits and tech surprises.

DevCon will be just as extensive as DevTalks and the best platform for Senior IT professionals to share their inputs and experiences, connect to the latest trends in technology and contribute to the future of tech industry.

DevCon Live starts in November with Java Week and following the same format the next weeks. DevCon Live will bring more than 5000 visitors and will set another goal in the tech community for good content and fun experiences for those who enter the booth. Our technical Agenda includes conferences, masterclasses, workshops, hackathons and custom events with the IT Community in Romania and not only.

Just to give you a sneak peek, this edition showcases 4 weeks full of content on Java, Cybersecurity, JavaScript and Web & Mobile, with 30-minute keynotes, workshops with 25-30 participants, 1.30 h masterclasses, an expo booth with special designed challenges for the audience and special events held by a specific organization under the stages’ umbrella. We expect a big number of professionals to join our online meetings with technical gurus and if you’re familiar with DevHacks and would like to sign up, we are designing a Java Hack with 80 participants in a 12-hour challenge.

Taking into account our previous edition, where you had the chance to interact with IT professionals for 3 days and attend 4 stages, now seemed like a good opportunity to launch a 4 week event, with a dedicated tech area for each week, cause you know what? An online edition will offer us the chance to exchange experiences with people from all over the world and that’s a big thing, so we really hope that our actions will echo worldwide.

DevCon will spread its messages faster to a wider audience and to other countries that want to join our forces and experience quality content brought by technical gurus to make a stand, educate and inspire the IT community.

The potential of online events brings new ideas to the surface, encourages innovation and has been proven to be more accessible to test new challenges in an online environment. Following the trends with DevTalks Reimagined, the audience is more open to interaction that follows their content interests and stimulates their career.


Stay tuned and check more on www.dev-con.ro

Book your seat below and join our journey:

?‍? Java Week, 3-7 November
?‍? JavaScript Week, 10-14 November
?‍? Web&Mobile Week, 17-21 November
?‍? Cybersecurity Week, 24-28 November.