LSEG sponsors DevTalks Bucharest

6 September 2018 devTalks


In May this year LSEG announced the opening of its new office in Bucharest, Romania. Through this new operation the Group expands the service provided by LSEG’s shared service entity – Business Services Limited (BSL).

Beginning from Q2 this year, efforts have been underway to build LSEG’s profile in the new marketplace to attract new talent and opportunities. As a part of these initiatives, LSEG was the main sponsor of DevTalks Bucharest, Romania’s largest IT conference.

DevTalks Bucharest attracted over 1,500 of Romania’s top IT talent for a full day of presentations and discussions on a number of topics in the area of ‘development and emerging technologies’. As the event’s main sponsor, LSEG had a prominent presence with three (03) keynote addresses. Dee Liyanwela – Head of LSEG Sri Lanka opened the day with the first keynote address on the Emerging Technology stage, where he gave the audience an overview on the Group’s businesses highlighting LSEG’s presence in Romania. Adrian Asher – Group Chief Information Security Officer led a talk on information security and James Crow – MD UnaVista Product Architecture presented an overview of the future of technology related to regulatory reporting.

LSEG thanks the organisers of DevTalks Bucharest for the opportunity and the experience.

Check the video and see how was LSEG’ experience at DevTalks Bucharest: