MEET Gil Fink, CEO and Senior Consultant at sparXys @DEVCON 2021

27 October 2021 news

Gil Fink is a web development expert, Google Web Technologies GDE, Microsoft Developer Technologies MVP and sparXys CEO. He has experience in managing developer teams and projects. In the past, he worked in a variety of positions and projects as a leading developer, team leader, consultant, development manager and more. Writer of Microsoft Official Courses (MOCs) such as HTML5 Programming and Windows 8 Essentials. Co-author of Pro Single Page Application Development book (Apress). Co-organizer of GDG Rishon Le Zion and co-organizer of AngularUP conference. Quick learning, creative, initiator, self-educated, liable are some of his qualities.

He will be present at DevCon Live 2021, Web & Mobile Con, on the 4th of November, talking about the Using Data Visualization to Fight COVID-19

  • Can you please introduce/describe yourself in a few words?

Gil Fink:¬†Nice to meet you! I’m Gil Fink sparXys CEO. I’m both a Google Web Technologies GDE and a Microsoft Development Technologies MVP. I’m also a family guy and a proud dad for 3 wonderful kids ūüôā


  • How does a day look like in the life of a CEO and Senior Consultant at sparXys?

Gil Fink:¬†I’ll answer that question like a consultant – it depends ūüôā Most of my days I’m consulting to various companies about web technologies and related topics. That means I come to the company, meet the development teams and help them to achieve a higher level of development awesomeness. I’m also managing my own boutique consulting company where I’m responsible for all aspects of business management.


  • What do you love most about your work?

Gil Fink: A great question. I love to solve very complicated problems.


  • What is the biggest challenge in the industry at the moment?

Gil Fink: There are a lot of challenges in the development industry, but I think that the most urgent one is diversity. Tech companies are currently on the right track in trying to solve this challenge, but it will take some time until the situation will be better.


  • A superpower I’d love to have …

Gil Fink: I would probably want to be as fast as the Flash. It will help me to do more and help others faster and hopefully better.


  • What are your hobbies?

Gil Fink:¬†I’m jogging when I have time for that. One of the interesting things about me is that I took my greatest hobby (computer development) and made it my profession, so I’m able to do it on a daily basis.


  • What about your work-life balance in the past year?

Gil Fink:¬†¬†I really try to balance my work-life time. I’m going to my two sons’ basketball games, taking my daughter to swimming and trying to be there for my kids when I can. Whenever family and work collide, my family takes the first place.


  • A short overview of what you will talk about at DevCon Live 2021:

Gil Fink:¬†In my talk, I’m going to share a real story about how I helped to create an app that monitored COVID-19 infection chains and helped decision-makers (the ministry of health) understand how the disease is spreading. I’ll also explain with a code example how some parts of the app were created using D3, React and PixiJS.


  • What is your message for the Romania IT community?

Gil Fink: You can achieve everything if you put your mind into it. Stay healthy and hopefully, we will meet next year in person.

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