MEET Maria Irimias, Service Delivery Manager | RPA Solution Architect at Accesa

28 October 2021 news

Let’s meet Maria at DevConLive 2021Women in Tech Stage, on the 3rd of November, where she will have a keynote about  RPA – UiPath Platform Overview with a First Robot Run demo, but first let’s know her better through the bellow interview.

Describe yourself in a few words.

Maria: I am Maria, a Software Solution Architect and a Software Robotics Enthusiast.
15 years ago, I have started my journey in the world of software development – as a .Net developer, I have build my expertise building desktop and web applications, time and now I am tackling the challenges of RPA


What do you love most about your work?

Maria: The challenges – each problem which needs to be solved. The fact that I have the opportunity to be a coach and a mentor😊.


How do you like to spend your free time?

Maria: Spending time in nature – hiking, bike riding or just walking.


What are you driven of?

Maria: I always want to evolve – accept what I am today and strive to be better tomorrow.


What about your work life balance in the past year?

Maria: In the new pandemic era – I think now there is a life-work integration and I am integrating my work into my personal life. And apply each thing I learn to both domains😊


How do you see the future in technology?

Maria: I am waiting for the next IT revolution – where I suspect that software as it is now will change – there will be BPM models building solutions, AI to generate code and low or no code written by a developer.


What is your message for Romania IT community?

Maria: Let’s be united and share knowledge, because we are SMART!

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