Meet Nader Dabit, Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services

4 June 2018 devTalks

Hear what Nader Dabit, Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services has to say about his 4 years’ experience training fortune 500 companies.

1. You have 4 years’ experience training fortune 500 companies on web application development including Amazon, American Express & Warner Bros. What advice can you offer to the companies?

If you are looking to build out your team for a React Native project, not worry about finding existing React Native developers but instead focus on finding competent JavaScript developers and if possible at least one iOS and one Android developer, or a developer with some native experience. Even though 90% of your code will be JavaScript, knowledge of both the native codebases as well as how mobile UI / UX works is invaluable and will save you a lot of time.

2. You also are the host of React Native Radio. Can you please tell us a little bit more about it and how did you come with the idea to start your own radio?

The podcast started a few months after the React Native framework was released. I had been listening to the JavaScript Jabber podcast for a couple of years and had fell in love with the show and the format, which had helped me immensely in my career. I had the idea to do a React Native podcast and reached out the the owner of the network and proposed to him an idea: I would create a produce a new show in exchange for having placement on his network which gets hundreds of thousands of built in listeners, a win win for both of us. He agreed if I handed over at least 5 completed episodes. While at the React Rally conference, I met with Kevin Old and Peter Piekarczyk, who agreed to come on the show as cohosts as well as Lee Johnson with whom I worked with and Jed Watson the founder of Thinkmill in Australia and they all agreed to come on the show as hosts, and the rest is history.

3. What do you like most about being a speaker at conferences?

The most enjoyable thing about speaking is getting out of my comfort zone and forcing myself into situations where I not only meet a lot of new interesting people, but also get to learn in even more depth the subjects which I already specialize in and am speaking about.

4.Do you have a message for the DevTalks’ audience?

If you ever are in the US, ping me and let me buy you a coffee!