Meet our great speakers from Web & Mobile Stage – Kevin Dunglas and Boyan Mihaylov

7 June 2018 devTalks

At this edition of DevTalks Bucharest we will talk about the latest trends in web & mobile, the evolution of asynchronous JavaScript and we will try to build and application using Google’s current technology in 30 minutes. Kevin Dunglas, Ceo at les-tilleuls.coo and Boyan Mihaylov, Software architect at MP Pension are waiting for you on the Web & Mobile Stage.

Boyan Mihaylov, Software architect at MP Pension

 1. What did you like most about DevTalks and how did you decide to apply to join us as a speaker at this edition?

In 2017 I attended a conference in Timișoara, where I met the Romanian community for the first time. I like that people are very open and curious, and interested in new technologies in general. I made good friends and decided that I should come back to Romania again. I heard about DevTalks from a friend and immediately did a short research about the conference. I like that the organizers try to provide various aspects of software development and IT in general by inviting people both from bigger and smaller organizations, freelancers, activists. I really feel honored to be among such people!


  1. You are writing more about your work on Where does your passion to have a blog comes from?


For me software development is about learning by networking, basically discussing ideas with others and trying to apply them in real life. I have learnt so much from the community, so I feel I want to help this same community too, by sharing my experience. Although, I don’t get to write that often, I try to write about my problems, solutions, and passion about technology.

  1. Do you have a message for the IT community in Romania?

Don’t stop developing yourself. Software comes second

Kevin Dunglas, Ceo at les-tilleuls.coo

  1. In 2011 you founded Can you tell us more about the project and how did you come up with the idea? provides developpers, trainers and software architects to create large scale, API-driven projects.

As open source fans, we open-sourced the API Platform framework. We also are in the top contributors to Symfony (one of the most popular web framework out there) and contributors to hundred of other FOSS projects (including famous ones like Kubernetes, the PHP language or Brigade).

Our main expertises are JavaScript (React, Vue.js, Node), PHP (Symfony), Go and DeVops (K8S, Docker, GCP, AWS).

Our company is somewhat particular because it’s a self-managed worker cooperative:

  • the company is owned entirely by its employees
  • important decisions are democratically voted
  • all benefits are shared equally at the end of the year

Among our customers, we count Decathlon, Orange, BeIN Sports or the Leroy Merlin Group.

  1. What do you like most about working in the IT industry?

Working on innovative technologies in collaboration with people from diverse origins and countries is a very interesting experience. It’s even more true in the Open Source ecosystem.

Being able to share knowledge and feedback around the world in conferences like DevTalks is so awesome, and a great opportunity.


  1. Do you have a message for the DevTalks’ audience?

I hope you’ll love API Platform, a full stack framework built on top of hypermedia formats and GraphQL, that you can deploy instantly in any public cloud.

I can’t wait to meet you and share our experiences.