MEET Rowdy Rabouw, Front-End Focused Senior DevOps Engineer @DevCon 2021

20 October 2021 news

Rowdy Rabouw is a web developer with over 25 years of experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. 

Currently, he is a Front-End Focused Senior DevOps Engineer working on Vue.js and Node.js projects with special attention for accessibility. 

Rowdy loves watching superhero movies and Formula One races and enjoys riding on his mountain bike to unwind.

He will be present at DevCon Live 2021, Web & Mobile Con, on the 4th of November, talking about the Wrecked Wide Web.


  • Can you please introduce/describe yourself in a few words?  

Rowdy Rabouw: I’m a 49 year old developer with 25 years of experience on the web.


  • What are your hobbies?  

Rowdy Rabouw: Watching Superhero movies and Formula One.

Going to the gym and riding my mountain bike to unwind.


  • If you were to continue this sentence, how would you do it: One day I will change the world by… 

Rowdy Rabouw: One day I will change the world by starting with myself.


  • How does a day look like in your professional life? 

Rowdy Rabouw: Since COVID I work from home.

I start early (at 7:00) to have 2 hours to work focussed before my teammates come online around 9:00.

Usually, I have quite some meetings until 12:00 and after lunch, I continue working on a part of our employees portal. That can be either frontend (vue.js) or backend (node.js).


  • What do you love most about your work?  

Rowdy Rabouw: I love creating useful and accessible applications for people to make their life a little bit easier.


  • What is the biggest challenge in the industry now?  

Rowdy Rabouw: Developer Experience versus User Experience.

We look too much at what stack a developer wants to work with and less at what the user really needs.


  • What about your work-life balance in the past year?  

Rowdy Rabouw: Working from home improves the balance.

I have a separate nice workspace and don’t have to travel 2 hours a day.

The bonus is that I can cuddle our 5 cats any time I want. 🙂


  • A short overview of what you will talk about at DevCon Live 2021  

Rowdy Rabouw: We so much rely on the web nowadays but it’s not the best experience.

WE didn’t learn from our mistakes and I will show how we can improve the web for everyone.


  • What is your message for the Romania IT community? 

Rowdy Rabouw: Eat your own dog food!

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