Meet the mentors from Accessibility Hackathon

13 April 2021 news

On April 16, Accessibility Hackathon, the largest hackathon dedicated to people with disabilities organized by Kaufland Romania together with DevTalks, will take place in the virtual space. Great teams will code an entire month to create the best innovative solutions to help people with disabilities to find or integrate better at the workplace.

On this journey, the participants will be supported by mentors, professionals which will be part of categories such as Social, Business and Technology.

Meet our Tech Mentors

Alex Bordei, Full-Stack Web Developer at Whiz Center, full-time Open-Source enthusiast, especially about WordPress and Flutter, and part-time IoT hobbyist. Always a dreamer and probably having the same personality type as the inventor of spicy chocolate he is crazy about connecting integrating everything in order to always obtain a new system.

Alexandra Ștefănescu is Chief Technology Officer Code for Romania and she is open-source developer, Project coordinator, Consultant & Cybersecurity mentor.

Diana Popp is Co-founder and VP Smart Everything Everywhere and she was a Counselor – Chancellery of the Prime-Minister Dacian Cioloș. She also worked with EU Commission’s Directorate General Communication Networks, Content and Technology in Brussels and is an Alumnus of the International Visitors Leadership Program.

Florin Manolescu, CEO & Co-founder Academia Testarii, CTO Digidemat, has gathered a rich experience related to the applicability and good practices of testing, in various contexts. Passionate about quality in IT products, he has always campaigned for quality products, resulting from a qualitative delivery process.

George Stan is Managing Partner & Trainer – Academia Testarii, where he puts into practice all his experience as a Software Tester and Agile Practitioner.

Radu Vunvulea is Group Head of Cloud at Endava, where he builds the cloud capabilities aligned with customers and market current and future trends and needs. Community lover and blogger Radu is a cloud-agnostic fan, loving to empower organizations and businesses using the cloud capabilities.

Rareș Ravariu, Co-founder CyberSpace, is focused on developing mobile applications that integrate IoT sensors, Video Processing, and Augmented Reality, using industry-leading technology. He has excellent experience in analysis, design, development, and implementation of various mobile applications.

Ioana Chiorean, Head of Community at Cartea Daliei Community Lead at Cognizant Softvision, is a software engineer that has more than 11 years testing experience with a specialization in mobile apps. Currently located in Romania she is leading 4 teams in an outsourcing company.

Vlad Măcelaru, Co-founder ClarK, is an innovative entrepreneur and ambassador of youth programs, focused on social development and education. In addition to his international business experience, he was included in Romania’s official delegation to the United Nations, where he gave a speech at the General Assembly and participated in negotiations on a youth resolution.

Also at Accessibility Hackathon, will be present mentors from the social area such as: Marian Coman – CEO Framinor Group, Marian Padure – Dr. Research Assistant in the Department of Special Psychopedagogy (Babes-Bolyai University), Mihai Tomescu – Trainer, associated assistant and public manager in government sector, University of Bucharest, Radu Vasile – CEO & Software Architect at Best Solution Development, Sorin Ilie Țața – International Communication Officer. Entrepreneur, National Disability Council of Romania.

If you would like to join our forces, register HERE until Wednesday, 14 April, at 23:59!