Nordic Web Team @DevTalks Bucharest

31 May 2018 devTalks

Nordic Web Team is a fast-growing agency focusing on e-commerce which begun to exist in Stockholm in 2011. Our company’s e-commerce projects are mainly focused on the Nordic market. We are working with some really amazing clients, which of lately many are on enterprise level. We are a full-service agency meaning that we are involved in the whole cycle of production: from design and development to hosting.

Currently we are in STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN and BUCHAREST, ROMANIA. In Stockholm we are organizers for Meet Magento Sweden which happens once a year and proves to be an amazing networking scene for Magento enthusiasts.


Nordic Web Team partially automated our own sales of Magento 2 by selling our own Magento products and plugins. For instance, a Dynamics 365 integration to the e-commerce platform it is sold when a customer also provides login information for his own Magento 2 open source installation, and thus Nordic Web Team will get to know new customers and do business without employing more sellers.


In addition to Dynamics 365, Nordic Web Team has produced:

  • Magento Content Creator
  • Unifaun & Pacsoft Extension Magento 2
  • Ecster Extension Magento 2
  • Specter Extension Magento 2
  • Klarna Checkout Magento 2


In Romania Nordic Web Team started to exist from 2014, and we have the production team comprised of senior front-end developers and senior back-end developers. Whereas in Sweden we have the Project Management team, Sales and Marketing, Support, DevOps and of course a team of developers (front-end and back-end).


We are specialized in Magento development. For the past couple of years, we’ve been mostly focused on Magento 2 development, customizations, developing extensions, integrations. We’re proud of all our projects, but I’ll just name a few:,,,,


We are usually working in teams, according to each project’s needs. More often than not these teams consist of one project manager (from Stockholm), one frontend developer and one backend developer (these two can be from the Romanian office, the Swedish offce or mixed). We always help our colleagues if, for example, one member of our team has difficulties with an issue.


Aside from the Magento 2 Technology Stack Requirements (PHP, Zend Framework, Composer, HTML5, LESS, CSS, jQuery, RequireJS, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, etc) we also use Capistrano an Jenkins for easy deployment on staging and live servers, Git for version control, Gulp and Sass (we like Sass more than LESS), SSH and recently we started learning / testing with NodeJS, ReactJS, Redux and Webpack for Magento PWA.


<When I first started working for NWT I was a frontend developer that had no clue how Magento really “worked”. I had experience with other Content Management Systems and I had a good understanding of PHP, but I had never touched a line of Magento code before. Fast forward three years and I usually start a new project and see it through completion, doing not only frontend parts but also developing backend solutions. If that doesn’t say enough about the professional development at NWT, i don’t know what would. We all benefit of 1-2 hours of personal development time daily and I really like that because this way we can easily keep up with the latest technologies and the fact that NWT is always open to help developers with different types certifications is also a big plus for me. NWT is a strong, fun, dynamic team of people that absolutely love what they’re doing and I wouldn’t dream working somewhere else.>

Claudiu Sararu- Team Leader, Sr. Front-End Developer