Our story about celebrating summer with DB Global Technology & the IT Community

16 April 2018 news

The summer is now officially over, but its last weeks were a blast of cultural, entertaining action.

“How come?”, you may ask. For three weeks straight, together with DB Global Technology we set up, piece by piece, a series of informal, fun events for the IT Community, gathering over one hundred IT professionals in one place. And this is how great summer stories begin.

On July 6, a sparkling idea came to our minds: what would it be like if we dedicated an entire month to the IT Community and created a reason for them to meet up during summertime? Cool, we said!

It was the first time we would launch this type of event, but we knew that courageous ideas bring awesome results.

The name of the event came easily: #unCommon summer@theofficea new meeting point for the IT Community during summer!

Each Thursday evening, starting August 3, DB Connect, the DB Global Technology events center, turned into a creative space: a hub of social events, perfect for networking, chitchatting and, most importantly, a spot where the members of the IT community could enjoy their hobbies with no boundaries!

The weekly series of cultural events started with a live improvisation show, meant to unwind the minds after a long day at work.

Not a stand-up comedy, but a comedy show, 100% improvised and 100% interactive! The Improvisneyland group offered a smart and interactive experience, with no beforehand lines. The actors entered the scene open minded, without costumes, decors and lines, and brought to life emotions and expressions offered by the public. Everything was being made up on the spot and this made the things even greater!

The weeks to come, DB Connect turned into an unconventional cinema, with popcorn, lemonade, and Romanian & foreign productions, presented at the Transylvania International Film Festival.

 “6.9 pe scara Richter” was a great Romanian movie, directed by Nae Caranfil, where the participants where ‘shaken’ with laughter by the intelligent humor presenting frames of Romanian society.

The following week, “King of the Belgians” continued the movie series with a trip through the Balkans, creating a memorable adventure together with the characters!


Since DB Global Technology has a long tradition of supporting the Romanian theatre, our #unCommon summer@theoffice ended with a special representation: “AAA”. The play is a production of the Grivita 53 Association, directed by one of the biggest independent theatre influencers in Romania, Chris Simion-Mercurian, who introduced the event and also had a book signing session after the performance.








How would WE sum up the #unCommon summer@theoffice? It was an amazing opportunity to share moments of entertainment and fun with the IT Community. And we would definitely do it again! Thank you all for being part of it!