16 April 2018 news

Technology evolves much more with every second that passes by. As human beings we try to get out of the comfort zone each day, to invest in ourselves and keep it up to every change around us.

It looks like Romania is ready to keep the IT Community busy when it comes to technology, hosting events for IT lovers, meet-ups or hackathons where energy, fun and learning are mixed up.

But being part of such fast growing industry can make you feel that something is slipping through your fingers. That’s why, in order to keep you on track with all that is happening at the moment, we put together a list with top 30 Conferences and Hackathons in Romania that you might like to join:

DevTalks – „The largest meeting of software developers in Romania”, ZF Live Special

DevTalks is the driver of change and connects every business everywhere through the IT Community thus connecting the developers across the world to share their experience with one another. Since 2014, DevTalks Romania has brought together so many forces from the technology ecosystems.

Now in 2018, we’re expanding into 7 dedicated conferences and demos areas in order to shape a much deeper and open conversation about how the Cluj scene is influenced by all the changes such as blockchain, automotive and AI. DevTalks designes one day full of content and study cases in the Expo Area with the help of our partners dedicated to devs, it professionals, students or entrepreneurs.








On May 16th in Cluj and June 8th in Bucharest, we invite you to enjoy a week full of content with hands-on workshops after and before and 7 dedicated conferences hosting 60+ international and local speakers, gadgets, demos and challenges in the exhibitors area.

Check the Agenda and craft your journey through DevTalks! We are constantly open to develop DevTalks Romania. We are grateful when receiving your ideas and suggestions and we invite you to contribute by providing us your feedback!

So if you choose this event prepare to be amazed!


DevAfterWork–  This is the perfect recipe for having a great time networking, meeting new people and approaching high interest topics from the tech world with top IT specialists & leaders on the market.

The DevAfterWork events are organized in partnership with companies from the IT field where developers share their knowledge and talk about the challenges in their career, all happening in an informal context, after the working hours.

Until now, the DevAfterWork sessions were organized together with ING Software Development Center, DB Global Technology, Ericsson and Ubisoft.

Presentations, case studies, and let’s not forget about the nice talks, are the words and activities that describe best this event – Prepared for it? Enter here!


DevHacks – Starting  in 2015, DevHacks is a hackathon where every passionate about IT is awaited not only to test their skills but to explore every challenge that our society is facing are facing every day, and find a way to overcome them. For 24 hours, the participants are networking and working together, drinking a lot of coffee to keep them awake and focused to achieve their goal: to become the winners and to design the most impactful solution.

The 3rd edition brought some of the most innovative ideas and technical skills to unlock one of the 8 categories: Women in Tech, Video & Audio Hack, AI & IoT & Robotics, Security, Web, Mobile, Big Data and DevOps.

This year we are preparing new challenges, experiences and dedicated hours of coding and fun. Save the dates 17-18th of November and stay tuned for more details on our Facebook page DevTalks Romania.


DevTalks for Juniors

Developed as a sister event of DevTalks, DevTalks for Juniors is addressing the IT Juniors motivated to invest in their professional development.

The event is a one day bootcamp, with conferences and seminars on topics like Embedded & IoT and Web & Mobile, but at the same time with workshops rooms where technologies such as Java, .NET, PHP and much more are the main topics. At every edition, DevTalks for Juniors is approaching new topics of interest so stay tuned to find out more!







Plus, the friendly environment makes the conference a great place where juniors will feel free to approach every subject and ask every question about technology. In 2018, we will meet again on 22nd of November, so follow us on Facebook  DevTalks Romania and stay up to date for more info!

Internet and Mobile World

Dedicated to B2B audience, IMWorld brought together at the previous editions 8500 business visitors into 130 exhibiting both, for over 80 sessions presented by 120 international and national speakers .

IMWorld is a 2 days event in Bucharest, where learning and networking meet in an environment created for sharing digital, mobile or IT software & infrastructure solutions for businesses. For more details, IMWorld waits you here.

Droidcon– Taking place in Bucharest, Droidcon Conferences purpose is to support the Android platform, for creating a global network for developers and companies.

With its first editions at the end of 2009, Droidcon covers all aspects of the Android ecosystem including mobile devices, cars, TV, and much more.

The event invites all Android passionate to share they knowledge and ideas, and create both personal and business opportunities. They announce that is also an opportunity to develop the GDG communities. Please check here for more details.

JSCamp Romania– At its fourth edition, JSCamp Romania is a conference dedicated to web designers and web developers taking place in Bucharest.

The main goal of this Conference is that they want to help participants to keep up with the latest trends in web and mobile development, but also to give them inspiration and the perfect environment for having fun. To find out more, we invite you to click here.

DefCamp– DefCamp is now (after 6 years) a community that succeeded to bring over 1300 specialist to be part of the conference.

The conference main subject is Hacking & Information Security and is dedicated to decision makers, security specialists, entrepreneurs, developers, academicians, private and public sectors representatives.  The discussions are sustained by top-notch speakers ready to present latest news about cyber security, cyber warfare, and much more. DefCamp is waiting you to find out more.




Romanian Testing Conference– Being dedicated to software quality assurance professionals, and at its fourth edition, Romanian Testing Conferences’s purpose is to bring together people in one place for sessions and workshops where they will be challenged to exchange ideas.

Over the past four years, it was the event where specialists of Quality Assurance and Software Testing camed to share their stories and knowledge acquired in years of working in this field, and to hear brand new ideas from the participants. If curious about what this conference can offer, we invite you to click for details.

JSHeroes– JSHeroes is a conference dedicated to JavaScript lovers. 

With more than 42 Meetups and trainings their purpose is to bring high quality JS knowledge and becoming the first of a series of OPEN-Source Community Events. At the event participated over 20 speakers as both local and international, and lasted two days.

For more details click here.


Bucharest Technology Week– Bucharest Technology Week is an event lasting one week and taking place in Bucharest. This is a good opportunity for networking and represents a learning platform.

With more than 15,000 participants that are looking for individual or business growth, #BTECHWEEK is split into Business Summits – where tech subjects are debated by over 40 international & local speakers in 5 conferences- and the TECH EXPO, a festival where tech products are ready to be tested.

Their mission is to encourage innovation and the adoption of new technologies as well as shining a well-deserved spotlight on the entire tech ecosystem in Bucharest, from students, young professionals & entrepreneurs to C-level executives. If you want to find out more, click here for more details.



How To Web– With first edition in early 2009, How to Web purpose is to support Eastern Europe’s ground-breaking tech experts and upgrade  them  into web trendsetters.

In those two days of exhibition, How to web brings leading innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals to speak about new technologies, and subjects of interest for founders, investors, innovation  & technology executives from emerging tech industry.

How to Web organize Startup Spotlight and competition, to choose the most innovative startups in Central & Eastern Europe, and many other activities that challenge the participants.

OWASP Bucharest AppSec Conference– is a three days Security and Hacking Conference with additional training days dedicated to application security.

The objective of this conference is to create awareness about application security, bringing high-quality security content provided by famous professionals from Europe. The conference awaits every IT lover, and for more details click here.

Hacking for humanity– developed by GIT (Girls in Tech), Hacking for humanity is a hackathon that lasts 3 days. The event itself lasts 2 days but before that they have a pre-hack day where ideas are exposed.

The purpose of this event is to improve the impact of at least 10 social causes, through hacking. The event is dedicated to Romania’s developers, product managers, designers, and other hack lovers, that want to help charities and NGOs drive innovation in their cause. For more details, please click here.

HackTM– HackTM is the event where every hacker feels like home. Taking place in Timisoara, the event awaits any individual passionate about  IT. With the best environment, HackTm is excited to offer prizes for the projects made by its participants. They are waiting for any talented and creative individual with interest in IT.

Part of HackTM is HackTalks, a one-day conference supporting the Timisoara tech community. For more details, check it out!

Besides those Conferences and Hackathons, Romania has more to offer when it comes to this subject:

  • TechSylvania– taking place in Cluj-Napoca awaits enthusiasts and business people to connect, hack and share ideas.
  • I T.A.K.E Unconference– A conference in Bucharest where every software passionate is awaited to participate at 30+ Talks & Workshops, 4 keynotes, and more.
  • UX Bucharest– A conference entirely organised by volunteers with the purpose of UX Education and awareness.
  • ICEEfest– ICEEfest stands for Interactive Central and Eastern Europe Festival, and they are waiting for every IT lover that wants to discuss about the big world of Internet.
  • Voxxed Days– Launched in 2015, Voxxed Days is a series of tech events organized by local community groups, and they are covering subjects like Java, Java Language, Could and Big Data, Web & HTML, and much more than this.
  • IT Fest– An event composed of workshops made for IT lovers on subjects like Microsoft, Mobile Development, Game creations with the purpose to improve their knowledge.
  • Cluj Innovation Days– A 2 days conference organized in Cluj, aiming to consolidate the IT sector and create new innovations between business, academic and the public sector.
  • Best Engineering Marathon– BESTEM is a Hackathon of 24 hours, organized since 2014, dedicated to students with the intention of testing their knowledge.
  • HackITall– Organised by LSAC, HackITall is dedicated to students passionate by IT & C. The main goal is to promote their capacities and to teach them to learn in team, in stress conditions and under the pressure of one objective.
  • IT days– With its first edition in 2013, IT Days is an event where subjects like Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Software Architecture and much more are debated.
  • de<code>IT– An event that lasts 8 days, takes place in Bucharest and that is dedicated to students with the desire to improve their knowledge, and bring them close to the most influential people in the field.
  • DevPlay– Is an event organized and managed by the Romanian Game Developers Association, with its first edition in 2016.
  • GDG DevFest– At its 3rd edition, GDG is all about Google. Targeted people for this event are Google lovers expected to come and exchange experience and projects.
  • TechShift– An event where the purpose is to connect technical talents with business people and technical founders to learn and share everyone’s experiences about technology.
  • SymfonyCon– happening in Cluj, SymfonyCon lasts 5 days per edition, and it is an event for software developers on the soothing sound of symphony music.