Reasons to attend an IT event

15 April 2018 news

In 10+ years of experience in large scale events architecture we’ve focused our attention on creating the right context where the IT professionals can develop new personal and professional skills.
Since then, the challenges have been enormous but the satisfaction is the end result that saves the day.

Speakers, Exhibitors, Partners, Participants, Lunches, Coffee, Tons of coffee, 50 + crew in organizing events, endless structures, endless SQM of banners, needless to say how many things you should take into consideration when designing a journey.

But what is the goal? Why this journey?

For the IT industry, 2014 was a year of growth as companies from various IT & Telecom sectors entered the market. So, in order to give back and invest in the community, our focus was to create different contexts where the IT professionals can grow and meet in an informal space.
First edition of DevTalks, in Bucharest, gathered 460 participants. Our expectations were to meet with 350. Yes, that you should name as a challenge, try to fit 460 in a 5 star hotel and assure the comfort they needed. We did it!

Gathering over 2,500 developers in Cluj and Bucharest, DevTalks developed as the largest IT conference in Romania. Since then, DevTalks brings out every year the major key ingredients to explore the latest trends on Mobile, Web, Big Data, Cloud Computing,DevOps, Project Management, Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence.

Reasons to join a dedicated IT Conference

1.Networking & Speakers

What makes DevTalks a great community? Surely just a gathering of IT professionals at the same place won’t help create strong bounds. As part of an IT community, it is important to find yourself in an environment that facilitates sharing ideas and meeting new people with the same interests as you.
Apart from the content based sessions, DevTalks is about fun and sharing experiences for both specialists and top IT partners. That’s why, at the event you can find several interaction areas like Exhibition, Fun, Gadgets, Startups or Networking. The deal is for you to find the ingredients you need that day.

The most powerful ingredient is the networking part.

We are talking about a great line-up in Cluj:

  • James Birnie, Lead Consultant ThoughtWorks;
  • Luke Briner, CTO PixelPin;
  • Martin Woolley, Technical Program Manger la Bluetooth SIG;
  • Hannes Van De Vreken, Software Engineer & Developer Relations la madewithlove;
  • Zackary Chapple, Architect la CareerBuilder;
  • Martin Splitt, Senior Software Engineer la Archilogic;
  • Márton Kodok, Senior Software Architect la REEA;
  • Karina Popova, Head of Development la LINK Mobility;
  • Silviu-Tudor Serban, Fondator Helios Vision;
  • Alex Lakatos, Mozilla Tech Speaker;
  • Oana Calugar, Co-founder AI for Automotive Start-up;
  • Razvan Ionescu, Marketing Director, Telekom;

And Bucharest will rock with:

  • Georgi Kodinov, Senior Software Development Manager Oracle;
  • Tsvetan Petkov, Business Solutions Architect, Ubisoft Montreal;
  • Stéphane Nicoll, Software Engineer, Pivotal;
  • Philippe Charrière, Technical Evangelist, CleverCloud;
  • Ian Massingham, Chief Evangelist – Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), Amazon Web Services;
  • Douglas Crockford, Father of JSON, PayPal;
  • Cristiano Betta, Director Work Betta;

And so many friends that will join our conference and would be really cool to find out more about the speakers for Cluj here and for Bucharest here.

Our recommendation is: hear good stories, inspire yourself, and be part of a community that you can always count on!

2.Women in Tech

We are a great supporter of women in technology so our partners Romanian ITLink AcademyCodette  will offer you acces to the conference for free. Join us and let’s talk about the strategies we can have in order to support more the balance in gender.







3.Exhibition Dedicated Area

The community is getting ready to prepare for a dedicated IT Conference we recommend to make it spicy. We have tons of examples, partners that transform a simple booth in a coding area, in a space machine, in a GO Challenge, in a smooth relaxing Area. Make DevTalks memorable by showing the audience the cool projects you are involved in and the capacity that you have inside your team.

4.Start-up Area

We have started from a small number of start-ups such as UNLOQ, HalftonePro, TinTag, Moqups, LittleData, Smart Compute Grid, SpeeRead, iMedicare, TrainerTour,, Audio Libraria, ArKase, Box2m, Bunch, Civic Alert, Holotech Studios, Neuro, Pablo, Echoz, UiPath, Quadron Engine, Traderion, Woogie, Marketizator, Vision Bot, Goldie Lab, Wyliodrin Studio.

Beside the chance to interact with mentors like Jenifer Austin – Risky Business, Cristian Orasanu – Crossrider, Ioan Iacob – Qualitance, Paul Chirila – Around25, Orlando Nicoara – Welovedigital, Matei Dumitrescu – Angel Investor.

And this year we have several boulevards powered by Risky BusinessAround 25 and MVP Academy.

You have the opportunity to showcase your idea on the Main stage, the stage of future projects & trends. Contact our strategic partners if you want to have access at the conference.



5.Fun and Gadgets

The pictures speak for themselves and this year we have lots of contests where we will offer drones, VR glasses and more.







6. After-Party

From our experience the content is absored better at a friendly glass talk, so this year we launch you the invitation to join our party and have a talk after the keynotes that you’ve attended during the day.

Long story short: we design a journey for each event and we create everything always keeping in mind the goal of gathering the IT Community in one place.

Dates you should remember in 2017?
DevTalks – May 17, Grand Hotel Italia, Cluj-Napoca, and June 8, Romexpo (C1&C2), Bucharest. More details here.



Coming Soon: DevTalks 2018 – May 16, Polyvalent Hall, Cluj-Napoca, and June 8, Romexpo (C1&C2), Bucharest.

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