Innovation, optimization and continuous availability – Asseco SEE Romania brings you a Nintendo Switch!

15 April 2018 news

Innovation, optimization and continuous availability. Digital banking means services available anytime, anywhere
Interview with the Sales Manager Banking Business Unit, ASSECO SEE Romania & rules for the contest

Asseco SEE Group re-entered, at regional level, in the pioneering area in 2015, being holder of the most important innovations in banking and financial services in Europe. What is it about?

Last year, the first completely online bank in the South-Eastern region of Europe, Telenor bank, was launched. The event was all the more important for us as it is running on a Multichannel platform entirely supplied by Asseco SEE. Virtually, all current banking operations, starting from a simple account opening or issuing a card up to obtaining a bank loan, are available to clients on an online platform.

We also managed to find solutions in order to meet all the security as well as the legislative requirements. This complex IT solution is an example of fully automated and personalised on-line offer, ensuring real-time provision of credits for the purchase of smart devices, tailored to the clients’ needs.

Do you think that banks in Romania are prepared for such a transformation? 

We see a growing interest in the market with regard to the banking transformation by adapting their client-relating patterns with using new trends imposed by the technological developments.

We reached a moment when banks are aware of and accept as necessary a digital transformation process in parallel with the adoption of new technologies.

What are the benefits of total digital transformation for the banks deciding to do this?

Ideally, the digital banking services combine the advantages of two segments related to the activity of a bank: one that means a new experience for the client and another that refers to the operational efficiency of the bank, both activated and interconnected by digitisation and the technologies that underlie this process and its structures.

Also, part of the digital transformation success lies in the ability of banks to manage for their and their clients’ benefit the huge amount of data which they hold and which may be analysed, so as to obtain as much information about the client. Having them available, the bank can develop personalized offers for each client.

What is the role of Asseco SEE, as banking software developer and integrator of solutions and services, in the process of digital transformation of banks?

In short, our support consists in simplifying banking processes and offering the perfect experience to clients through all channels. From core banking, channels, Business Intelligence solutions, payment systems and cards, Asseco SEE is a supplier who fully understands the banking business and the processes that underlie it.

As a leader in providing banking software in the SEE region, with 15 years of relevant experience, presence in 13 countries and a portfolio of over 64 banks that use the core banking solution, Asseco fully understands what the banking and digital transformation means in a world where banking means anytime, anywhere. This requires innovation, ruggedness, safety, optimisation and immediate availability of services to meet the expectations of technology passionate clients.

How should the digital revolution change Romanian banking? On what technologies do you bet?

Banks will have to be prepared to accept the fact that digitisation is everywhere, and the consumer is the one around which everything revolves or should revolve. The new technologies of which we speak today have a real chance to cause major changes in financial institutions, but also to support the process of their adapting to the new trends.

Contest Asseco – win a Nintendo Switch!

The Switch is a Kobayashi Maru for Nintendo

 What you have to do to win one of the coolest gadgets for gamers?

  • You are one step closer to win as you’ve already read the info about the innovations in the banking sector;
  • Come to meet Asecco at their booth at DevTalks Bucharest; the team will be glad to meet you and present you more about the latest trends & project;
  • Fill in a questionnaire and enter the competition.



Good luck and see you on June 8!