SAP Cloud Platform – A positive-sum game

15 April 2018 news

Openness is a central theme in today’s IT world and SAP Cloud Platform has been designed to be an open platform from day one. Since its incubation, openness has been a key principle guiding every decision and many of the announcements we share with you today build on that philosophy.

We live in a time of accelerated change, a time where software is eating the world and everything will be digitized. Every company – large and small – needs to constantly adapt and reinvent itself to stay competitive.  Embracing constant change and the willingness for continuous learning are the new norm for the 21st century workforce.

Business agility and ‘speed’ become imperatives for success, and customers are looking for ways to accelerate the delivery of innovative solutions that provide an engaging & seamless customer experience, all without disrupting their core business processes. In short: Digital Transformation needs ‘escape velocity‘ – enter SAP Cloud Platform.  Via the platform, we enable our customers to escape from old delivery paradigms to become agile, optimized and digital enterprises.

Having said that, please note that SAP is fully aware that it takes more than just technology to establish a successful platform – hence today’s announcements related to SAP Cloud Platform address all aspects of cloud platform holistically:

  • platform & technology
  • business services & developers 
  • ecosystem & marketplace

In a time where software is the main catalyst for digital transformation – developers are the new kingmakers. Consequently, SAP Cloud Platform offers a comprehensive set of technical capabilities and business services that make it both easier and faster to develop intelligent cloud applications that excel in an inter-connected world driven by massive amounts of data coming from sensors, smart things and business systems. In that tradition, we are emphasizing the new generation of IoT services and enterprise messaging functionality within our Integration service, which in conjunction with our recently launched Big Data Services empowers you to “intelligently connect people, things and businesses!”

We are reaching out to the broader developer community and inviting them to join the rapidly growing number of partners developing applications for our platform. Connecting other vendor application systems, enhancing our SaaS offerings and rapid prototyping are just a few of the use cases we see coming from our partners.

SAP is also waiting for you on June 8 at DevTalks Bucharest on the Big Data & Cloud Stage!