Reasons to join DevTalks

24 April 2018 devTalks
So, we have to share more from behind the scene because:
1. We like to share what we love to do,
2. It’s fun, when some tiny challenges don’t arise,
3. We have worked incredibly hard to build proficiency in the areas of agenda management, event management, paid media, marketing, branding and alongside we have some of the biggest brands and businesses.
We do have some long-term partnerships with companies like IBM, DB Global Technology, Accenture Technology, Metro Systems, Stefanini, Dell Technologies, ING Tech and the list is really, really fantastic. Some of the ideas behind DevTalks and our Dev Events are brainstormed together with our partners and audience. DevAfterWork is such a great example and case study of the fastest growing project in our company history.








So, the thing is that Catalyst Solutions is behind all this projects, we want to state this as often as we can and to share with you that some of our projects are really independent and grow beautifully because we have a 11 year experience in employer branding.
That’s why we’re announcing that our StartUp Area will grow in our events and is focused on helping cool ideas to unlock meaningful growth and scale their product as we have so many great examples in the Romanian scene. We are proud to say that we also have UiPath alongside as our Partner at DevTalks Romania on the Product Management Stage. Plus, you will see some people from whom you can actually learn how to represent better such as the ideas behind Techcelerator developed by Cristian Orasanu, Around25 and the creator behind, Paul Chirila. I mean, you will gain access to everything you need if you dare to network and go out in the world as much as you can.
So in order to come along with DevTalks and benefit from our community just check in your start-up here for FREE and we will take care of the space you need. The rest is your part, you know…the hard work.
To share more from our behind scene scenario, here are some of the reasons we keep up to do what we do with our DevAWESOMEness:
Brand Awareness PLAN
We’ll define ways to help you represent better your brand and explain what you do and what are your strong points. I mean, we have so many great tech teams and projects that nobody heard of because there is no SCENARIO and practical ways in the Romanian events to share them. Why?
That is a good question because we really have hot projects.
To put in a nutshell:
You need to represent your brand strategy better; Identify potential brand exposure scenarios; Have your company’s  brand and message in front of a large community of IT professionals;
Our team focused DevTalks on the network effect as we are giving access to top-notch speakers and partners. We help you identify trends in the Romanian market, get access to products, businesses, investors, mentors and EXPERTS.
There were 4 editions of DevTalks already where we changed the idea behind our partners representation at a booth and now you have demos, challenges, know-how sharing. There are partners who have over 20 specialists involved in the expo area to cover all the projects they have. This is the buzz we are looking for.








The Pre and After IMPACT
Which includes:
Promoting the initiatives of our partners in the Romanian market; The option to offer constant feedback and answer to your questions; Access to subject matter experts; In just a few months – a year you will have access to years of industry experience and great insights to help the IT Community in Bucharest and Transylvania grow;
There are subject matter experts that are putting Romania on their map and travel more than 20 hours to share their best case practices.
“We are growing the DevTalks Events because we know we have the right resources in place to take out the great results our IT Community needs. We love the buzz and we want to partner, help and be involved in what, over the years, will be the most powerful network in Romania.” @ Andreea Balaci, the coordinator behind the scene.