We are getting closer fast and more energized than ever!

23 April 2018 devTalks

We like coffee and we admit it we are kind of peaky when choosing our partners who run the real show, to keep up the energy in the conference. Because a tech conference runs on coffee and good Wi-Fi. Things are different when running DevTalks so for us is a year job and one full of challenges.

We need to assure the best agenda, the best preparation for our partners, the best Wi-Fi, the best location, you got the point…everything has to be THE BEST.

But what happens when you need to take care of having coffee for 1200 participants?

Let’s see

Let’s say you need at least 4 cups of coffee per participants during a day. But what do you need for a coffee? Some participants like it simple and strong, some like more cappuccinos or lattes. For a simple coffee, let’s approximate you need 6.5 g of coffee to have a strong espresso. If you want to make a strong cappuccino, like we prefer, then the best one is to be with 2 shots of espresso and a great milk flavoured milk foam, so you need 18 g of coffee and 162 ml of milk. For like 1200 participants, let’s say you need 86.4 kg of coffee and 777.6 litres of milk.  To make everyone happy let’s say you need to have an extra 30% back-up in case there is a great need of coffee so we have like 112.32 kg of coffee and 1000.88 litres of milk. A lot of coffee going on here!

So far so good. And because nothing is simple in this world, we do have preferences like some people prefer decaffeinated coffee. I still don’t know why. Or like to drink their coffee with milk or sugar or both or just some people prefer tea but we are lucky to have the event in May and in June so we just skip tea. Sorry!

Now, the fun really begins

You did the math, you have the coffee, the milk, sugar and everything nice. Let’s pin the coffee points.  Fun is fun because we need like at least 10 coffee points in order to not become over crowded. Then you need to prepare the stuff and approximate on how many people you need at the service point in order to keep everyone happy.


Thanks God we have our partners from Tassimo who are ready to keep everyone happy and organize the service points smoothly.

All in all, we are happy when we have our coffee and see the networking buzz around it during the day. This is just awesome and the experience is not the same if you don’t keep up to great standards when talking about Coffee!




See you soon at DevTalks!