Why should I participate if I am not a coder?

6 November 2018 devHacks

On 17&18 November, we encourage coders of any age with Java, JavaScript, C/ C++, Python, Blockchain or Web & Mobile, to participate at DevHacks, the hackathon with 24hours of coding where the most crazy and bright ideas come to life.

You can come up with your original ideas and contribute to the everyday impact on our society!

But, if you are not a coder, why should you participate?

This question is often heard and we have some arguments that could convince you that the hackathon is no longer just for coders.

If you want to be a part of DevHacks 2018, you should know that people of all skillsets are welcome.

The hackathon is opened to anyone who wants to build professional network and have a good time working with people willing to help you achieve your goals. You don’t have to be a computer scientist or software developer to experiment and put in practice your skills in a social dynamic environment, such as DevHacks.

Even if you’re not great at coding, there are some other types of people that make the most of the hackathon, such as designers, marketing specialists, business minds and other experts who bring creativity, vision and user experience during the hackathon.

Here you can find several types of people that make teams successful at the hackathon:

  • Designer – The interface looks better when you have a skilled person who brings a special sense of style to the applications or products;
  • Agile Manager – You have to organize the 24hours of coding in a good way as if your team can work efficiently on their own. So, you need to have an agile manager who involves strategic planning and is responsible for organizing and motivating the team members because it is easy to get distracted;
  • Hardware Expert – If you decide to bring your devices, the best way to work with it is to have skilled experts on hardware and software technology. They can help you to operate the system and provide technical suport for performing all the situations;
  • Marketing Specialist – A good marketing person can help highlight the importance of your work. A creative mind will help balance out a successful team by presenting ideas, devising and developing strategies;
  • Business Development Executive – If you have to sell the product, you need to collaborate with a person who know how to pitch it and how to maintain relationships with people around them by developing quotes and proposals;
  • Presentation Specialist – At the hackathon, a good percentage is given by a memorable presentation. A specialized person can design a presentation so that your application or product it will impress the audience.

Coders need to have creative minds in their teams so they will balance themselves out and challenge an idea. Also, a successful team should have somebody who knows how best to present information so that they captivate and attract the jury in exciting ways.

If you didn’t book your seat yet, you can still do so and register at the event here: https://goo.gl/iYfPNr .