Even if you do not win, hackathons are full of benefits

6 November 2018 devHacks

With 24hours of coding, DevHacks is a hackathon where you have a great opportunity to test the skills, the endurance and the creative ideas.

On 17&18 November, we prepare six new challenges for all the people passionate about technology and interested in developing innovative solutions for our society.

At the hackathon, everyone wants to be part of a winning team. Even if you are actively involved in the success of the team, the competition can be tough. If you don’t have the chance to win, we assure you that the amount of knowledge you gain in such a short period of time is unmatched and represents the most attractive part of the participation on the hackathon.

We would encourage you to take part in this great learning experience for a lot of reasons.

One of the best things that DevHacks offers you is the chance to build a powerful network. The hackathon is the place where you can make connections with new people who have the same interests about the technology that you care about. It’s a great occasion to meet like-minded people and have interesting conversations.

Apart from the hours spent coding, DevHacks provides a special environment where you can focus on what is important to you and your team. Learning new skills near people with different backgrounds, but with a common passion is the biggest benefit of attending the hackathon. The competition moves you outside your comfort zone, so it is a new way to discover another talents and passions from working with people who you don’t meet before.

Experiencing is key, rather than winning. Because you have to create something innovative in a limited time, it could be a challenge for you to learn how to work efficiently in a quick-turn environment. With hope, excitement and devotion, you can build things that they could be useful in your professional development life!

Of course, DevHacks gives you a lot of practical knowledge, memorable experience and, not least, fun! Besides meeting new people, learning lots of new things from the team members and being part of a complex competition, you also get great food, snacks, and finish all the 24hours with drinks. It is just for fun and for being energetic throughout the hackathon!

Don’t hesitate to be part of DevHacks!