Are you ready to hack the climate change crisis?

4 November 2021 devHacks

Thunder Knight and  Systematic  is encouraging you to join the challenge of finding a revolutionary solution for a better tomorrow because we trust you 100% and we are sure that together we can bring some light into everybody’s world!

This hackathon is about generating ideas of how we can create a better world for us all. As the infinite cost of climate change reaches irreversible highs, now is the time for bold collective action, therefore, developers of all backgrounds and skills are welcomed to participate, and we’re looking forward to innovative contributions for an even more sustainable world.

At Systematic, we deliver reliable IT solutions and products which are simplifying critical decision-making and changing lives with every line of code we write. We focus on three core business areas: Defence, Healthcare, Digital transformation for the private and public sectors. Our goal is simple – to improve the world with exceptional software. A superhero is not alone in his missions! Even if Thunder Knight has its power in him with the hammer, he knows how important the team is! So, he brings 4 helpful people with know-how in IT to support your squad’s ideas and to be there every step of the way in this challenge.


The Systematic Support Team is formed of:

Sebastian Decianu – Systems Engineer & Scrum Master

Patricia Burlea – Systems Engineer

Alexandru Macavei – Systems Engineer

Alexandru Dejanu – Site Reliability Engineer


WWF representatives will be also part of the mentors and jury group, supporting the you and your team in choosing and designing suitable solutions for the cause. Hanny Bratu, Marketing and Fundraising Manager, and Orieta Hulea, Country Manager, will also present the use case of the hackathon and statistics about climate change effects in Romania.

We genuinely believe that this partnership will contribute to creating a bridge between the IT community and NGOs and reduce the gap between knowledge and needs.

Have you decided the members of your team yet? Hurry up, because besides the fact that we want to save the world, we also want to offer you awards that could help you developing your IT skills, so, reaching the end of the journey, you and your team will have the chance to win big prizes, as the first place will win 1000 Euro, the second one 700 Euro and the third place 300 Euro!

Let’s save the word TOGETHER and let’s make a difference for a sustainable world!

Sign up now and hack, hack, hack!

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