Interview with Jack Shirazi – Reliability Engineer @Expedia Group and Speaker @Java Week powered by DevCon Live

29 October 2020 news

Jack Shirazi works in the Reliability Engineering team at Expedia Group. He is the founder of and author of Java Performance Tuning (O’Reilly), and has been an official Java Champion since 2005.

Jack has worked at all levels and all stages of IT projects in several industries including with real-time, low latency and highly scaled applications. As well as authoring his popular book and contributing to several other books, Jack has published over 70 articles on Java performance for various sites and magazines; and has published over 200 newsletters for over 15 years, and with these newsletters published around 10,000 Java performance and memory related tips.

Find out more about Jack in the following interview and stay tuned for his keynote on November 3rd at Java Week!


Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Jack Shirazi: I wrote the book (Java Performance Tuning, O’Reilly, around 100k copies sold), I built the website ( has been viewed more than 20 million times), I write the newsletter ( 20 years of tips) & I’ve been a Java Champion since 2005.

How important is diversity and how do you empower the Tech Community?

Jack Shirazi: I was previously head of Engineering for a startup, I more than doubled the size of the engineering team while I was there, to over 70 engineers. A third of the engineers were female – a fabulously high figure for our industry – and although we were based in London, two thirds of the engineers were from outside the UK, including people from every continent (except Antarctica :-). It was the most exciting, productive and dynamic environment I’ve worked in, and that was all because of the incredible diversity. We achieved that diversity by making sure our interview process was welcoming to any applicant – and we did that by asking what worked and what didn’t for exactly that requirement.

What is Java for you?

Jack Shirazi: Java hits the sweet spot –

One day you’ll be famous for…

Jack Shirazi: Something from theoretical physics – my first love.

What about your work-life balance?

Jack Shirazi: A few years ago I wrote myself a lifestyle app to ensure that my work-life balance was balanced. I prioritised it for the important things: physical health, mental health, life goals, urgent tasks, fun, work, admin. Probably in that order. It’s worked nicely and keeps me balanced.

Short overview about what you will talk about at DevCon 2020 – virtual edition.

Jack Shirazi: I’ll explain step-by-step how to tune your JVM’s garbage collection.

What is your message for the Romanian IT community?

Jack Shirazi: I’ve worked with quite a few Romanians and they’ve all been great. I don’t understand why they all try to murder me with Palinca, although they seem to think it’s a friendly gesture. My message: Less Palinca!


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